Please hack me I need it!

Just one of the many kids on ps3 who message me asking for Modern Warfare 2 hacks. 10th prestige hack anyone? There’s a ready market of players who want to cheat their way to the top! BTW – the new WordPress app for Android kicks ass!


Somehow I’m known for hacked lobbies on…

Somehow I’m known for “hacked lobbies” on Xbox 360. How the hell did that happen? While playing Bad Company 2 with Dvotee, NorseValkyr1e and macmanx this evening a random guy from my friendslist joined our party and asked about hacked lobbies.Why would I get you into a hacked lobby? I […]


L4D2: Modern Warfare 2 Vacant Survival

“Nah, they’re probably just part of the background.” This is a short clip from one of the first games myself and David played the other night in Left 4 Dead 2. The map is a remake of the Modern Warfare 2 map Vacant and any MW2 players will immediately recognise […]


Hacked Modern Warfare 2 lobbies on PS3

Well, this sucks. David stumbled into a hacked MW2 lobby on Playstation 3, not Xbox 360. When I first saw it I thought it might be connected to the recently announced discovery of the PS3 root keys. But I was giving the script kiddies too much credit. Even with the […]


Good Riddance Modern Warfare 2

I said goodbye to Modern Warfare 2 more than 6 months ago when Bad Company 2 came out but lots of Call of Duty fans still play it to this day. Tomorrow, not so much. That great singing voice is Colin and the link is via him too. Great job!


Dissecting xSocrates

WoodysGamertag dissected a game of Modern Warfare played by xSocrates on the ship level. I don’t know what it’s called but we played this level the other night and I think Mike mentioned this. Pretty amazing gameplay.


So someone is trying to reach level 70 i…

So someone is trying to reach level 70 in Modern Warfare 2 without killing anyone. Good luck to you Glen McCracken but I loved and appreciated this comment: Every time I play Modern Warfare 2, I do it without killing anyone. My aim could use some work.


Mode Pack #6 is apparently coming to Bad…

Mode Pack #6 is apparently coming to Bad Company 2 next week according to this post. No details, and I haven’t checked the BfBC2 store but it fits in with their monthly giveaway of new maps mode packs. So, we’re not going to see new maps. That’s clear enough already. […]

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