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Donncha's Monday Links

Waterworks – great feel to this image. Modsecurity and WordPress paper – I haven’t used ModSecurity myself but it seems like something good to know about. Let’s Dance – I love the long exposure flowing crowd! WiFi in an SD card? No more wires or plugging your camera’s flash card […]

Donncha's Links

Donncha's Saturday Links

Catching up on some links. Cubic Telecom win it@Cork emerging company award. Congrats Pat! Keith says Airtricity have a simple approach to electricity meter reading. Email and text. Sure you could lie, but they have a good notion of how much electricity you use and I’m sure a meter reader […]

Donncha's Links

Donncha's Tuesday Links

There’s nothing like the laughter of your baby to perk up one’s morning after a bank holiday weekend! WordPress 2.3.1 was released on Friday. The new WordPress MU will be ready soon. Omry has released a new version of WPMU Plugin Commander to make administrating regular WordPress plugins in a […]


Linux Ubuntu Dapper to Edgy – no problem

I upgraded my Ubuntu 6.06 install to the new Edgy soon after it’s release using the simple command gksu “update-manager -c”. Several hours later, and after clicking on a few dialog boxes to update files in /etc/, I’m not running Ubuntu Edgy on my desktop box. Initially I wondered where […]


Cross-Processing in Photoshop

Cross processing is the method by which camera film is developed as if they were slides, or visa versa. Here’s how to do Cross-Processing in Photoshop and create some interesting photos. Must try it myself.


GIMP Tutorial – Arwen Icon

Here’s a very detailed tutorial showing how to create a beautiful avator icon from a photo in the GIMP. Lurvely! Lots more icon stuff in the noldo icons community too!


GIMP Preview – the why and what of it

A recent thread on the GIMP User mailing list asked about why previews are so small, and why the “main window” preview isn’t available everywhere. Replies were soon forthcoming. It seems that plugins can’t preview their changes in the main window, but built-in tools can. Carol Spears even offered a […]

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