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Need backlinks?

Build High PR Backlinks On Demand Free PDF Reveals All. Download Now! Google Adsense Advert spotted on The best Irish horror movie? The Irish dickheads of the year 2007 as picked by Twenty Major. Hard to fault that list. Mind mapping for new blog post ideas. Someone stumbled upon […]

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Two million Blogs

The number of blogs on passed 2 million late last night. I think that’s just amazing and wonderful! Links … Frank asks for the facts behind the cocaine deaths in Ireland recently. I wondered what the odds of dying from cocaine are. Is it really as low as between […]

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Zardoz – Sean Connery in red speedos

Did I forget the knee high boots? Offthemeatrack resurrects this unusual 1974 film. I think I saw a few minutes of it on tv a few years ago. Just goes to show what an impression it made. Warning, don’t click the link unless you want the Sean Connery as James […]

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I'd rather be blogging

What is your most precious commodity? Mine is time. That’s why I’d rather be blogging than twittering. 85 great photography sites suggested by the readers of DIY Photography, including my photoblog. Thanks for the link! Mark celebrates the 25th birthday of the Commodore 64. Is it that old? Wow. More: […]

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Fair use of photos on Youtube?

You probably remember the Web 2.0 bubble video that did the rounds recently. Funny wasn’t it? Unfortunately the authors of that video never asked for permission to use many of the photos featured in it. Jim asks if that was fair? Lane Hartwell is one of those photographers. She wrote […]

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Wacky Waiters

Wacky Waiters was one of the first games I played on the Commodore Vic-20. Hands up if you ever played it? No. I’m not surprised. I’m sure there are people reading this post that were born after it was released in 1982 .. John Breslin lists some of the Web […]

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This town needs an enema

“This town needs an anema”. That was a line from last week’s “A town called Eureka” and I knew I recognised it. It was a line in the original Batman movie! I couldn’t find a clip of this scene, but here’s the first level of Batman the Movie on the […]

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The end of Homeopathy

The end of homeopathy? – a very lengthy and critical article looking at the alternative medicine of homeopathy. 456 comments and counting. (via Mink Toast.) After the birth of our son Adam, my wife was told to take Arnica C30 by nurses and doctors. After reading the post above, I […]

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Ethically uncomplicated stem cells

Science is rescuing us from moral mazes says Andrew Sullivan in last weekend’s Sunday Times. He was referring to the discovery that stem cells could be made from human skin cells. Unfortunately the scientists who made the discovery had to use a cancer gene and a retro virus but this […]

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