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Damien alerted me to the fact that the new blogs are using WordPress, and so with much excitement I hit the site and browsed around. A quick look at the source showed that they are in fact using WordPress MU which is rather neat. is the website of The Irish Times, a major daily newspaper here. It’ll be great to see journalists blogging there, but only if they are allowed free reign. If they pull it off, they’ll bring a lot more attention to the site.

So far, only two blogs are operating. On the Record is a music blog written by Jim Carroll, and Price Watch by Conor Pope. Conor’s first post is Window or aisle? €15 please, a short post exploring new charges by Aer Lingus. I don’t see a Trackback link there but hopefully they’ll allow trackbacks and pingbacks sooner rather than later.

Welcome to the blog page. We have two blogs, one written by music journalist Jim Carroll, using his weekly column On The Record as its cornerstone. This blog will shed light on the machinations of the music industry at home and abroad. From today, the consumer-focused PriceWatch section will also be carried in blog form on the site. Written by Conor Pope, the blog will be updated throughout the week and will allow users to post details of rip-offs, ask questions and perhaps even highlight bargains they have spotted.

Update on Sep 8, 2009 They’re not using WordPress MU any more unfortunately. Looks like a Windows based system, with ugly urls. The links to the blogs above are broken as a result. Disappointing.

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Boldly going where no 76 year old has gone before

William Shatner was interviewed by the Sunday Times for it’s In Gear section and in typical fashion it’s mostly about cars, but don’t let that put you off if you’re not a motorhead. He talks about his marriages, his future flight into space in a Virgin Galactic Shuttle (not looking forward to it), horse riding, and his hopes for good health which must play on the mind of an active 76 year old.

To lift the mood I ask what dreams Shatner still wants to fulfil. “Not to get sick,” he says. “I’m so healthy and I feel so strong and I jump up on a horse and I drive fast cars. And I’m thinking this has got to end soon, and I don’t want it to end. That’s my biggest dream.”

While on the subject of high achieving 35 year old septuagenarians, I want to congratulate my mother-in-law, Philomena Burns for winning “The James Stack Memorial Perpetual Trophy” and a gold medal in this year’s Feis Maitiu poetry and recital competition in Cork. She is of course delighted and we’re very proud of her! I hope to update this post with a photo of her and her trophy and medal next week.

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A free daffodil for your blog today

Today is Daffodil Day here in Ireland and in honour of the day I’m offering a daffodil header image to any blogger who’d like it. There are no restrictions on how you use this image, do what you like, but I would love if you would blog about Daffodil Day.

I’ve made two header images especially suited to blogs using the K2 theme. These are 780×200 images, and to make things easier there’s a mirrored image to suit your blog title. Larger sizes are available on request.

Daffodil Day is in aid of cancer research. The Irish Cancer Society does what it can to fund raise for cancer research and care so they’re a good charity to support.

Daffodil Day is the largest annual fundraising event run by the Irish Cancer Society to raise money for people with cancer.

This year our Daffodil Day is on March 23rd, and over 5,000 volunteers nationwide will be helping to sell fresh and silk daffodils and daffodil pins.

If you would like to help out during Daffodil Day, just phone us on 1 850 60 60 60 or Email

Daffodils are flowers of hope and of springtime. That is why they are such an appropriate symbol for the Irish Cancer Society’s cancer care projects. These projects help to improve the quality of care available to people with cancer throughout Ireland.



I have to admit their linking policy is a little strange. I never thought I’d have to ask permission by fax to link to a website.

Slightly later … we bought our daffodils while doing a spot of shopping in Blarney. Here’s the very nice volunteer and her springer spaniel who were manning the stall outside Supervalu. A bunch of daffodils or a pin are 3 Euro each. A small contribution to cancer research.


Updated a year later in 2008! Daffodil Day is next Friday. I’m offering a beautiful daffodils photo for sale in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. See my blog post for further details!

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St. Patrick's Day 2007

Tomorrow is the feast day of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. Unfortunately it seems that St. Patrick was never canonised officially by a Pope, but that’s ok because according to Wikipedia, “for most of Christianity’s first thousand years, canonisations were done on the diocesan or regional level.” We’ll not give up our Saint without a fight! (via)

In honour of the day parades will be held in all the cities and many of the towns of Ireland. I’ll be in Cork tomorrow to capture a flavour of the day and photos will appear soon after on In Photos.

Some links to whet your appetite for tomorrow:

  • I can’t believe the last time I posted St Patrick’s Day photos was 2004! I did shoot the St. Patrick’s Festival which was on during and after the parade last year. That was great fun with street entertainers and food stalls. Yum!
  • Details about the Cork Parade can be found on the Cork Festival website. The parade starts at 1pm from the end of the South Mall and heads up towards Mc Curtain Street. The usual route of the parade if memory serves.
  • The Dublin festival lives at and if the radio adverts I’ve heard are anything to go it’ll be a great day!
  • Does your town or city have a parade website? Leave a comment and I’ll link it here!

Blogorrah lists five reasons it’s great to be Irish which will either bring a smile to your face or confusion. Frawley’s? Never heard of it! I love reason two however!

You don’t have to resign from office for being corrupt – just pretend you’re really sorry for about half an hour. Or better still – ignore it and it’ll go away!

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Twenty gets go maith

Twenty Major got the Go Maith treatment on Saturday. Click through to the blog post to read the English version. I previously mentioned Go Maith here.

Congrats to Twenty on his wins at the Blog Awards!

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Counting down to the 2007 Blog Awards

It’s not long to go before the Blog Awards on Saturday. Damien says that there’s extensive media coverage of the event including interviews on radio and spots on RTE news. I’m looking forward to seeing who wins what on the day. I’ll be keeping an eye on Irish for updates that evening, but I’ll be staying at home here in Cork while everyone is partying in Dublin!

Meanwhile, Blarney suffered yet another power cut. This one lasted for well over 2 hours. Have laptop, have dvd player, watched “United 93”. Frighteningly real and shocking film. I still remember being in my boss’s office watching on a little portable TV as the smoke poured out of the World Trade Center that day and later hearing from clients on that campus that they were ok.

Edit: While on the subject of Irish blogs, Haydn Shaughnessy asked if Irish blogging is about to peak just as blogging becomes mainstream elsewhere? I never got around to commenting on it, but if I had I would have asked, “Does it matter? People have been nattering and gossiping forever and a day and they’ll do it in whatever forum they can.” His article appeared in today’s Irish Times, so go buy the dead tree version, or read the comments on the post above.

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Topless Speed Bandits cause traffic pile up

It appears that the Danes have been just a little too good at slowing down traffic by employing a new method of attracting the attention of speeding drivers to speed limit signs. Drivers are literally queuing up to watch the young beauties holding the signs. Oops. The following video might be viewed as NSFW so click through with caution!

Continue reading “Topless Speed Bandits cause traffic pile up”

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Body of Joseph Mullally found

Twenty year old Joseph Mullally went missing last December 14th after he was last seen outside The Brog on Oliver Plunkett Street. An extensive search for the last several weeks went on involving volunteers and emergency personnel turned up nothing until this morning at 10am when 4 of the searchers found his body at the quayside in Tivoli, downstream of the city.

More on PRC, Breaking News, and RTE News.

Ar dheis De go raibh a anam.

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Saddam Hussein should have rotted in prison

Why didn’t they let him rot in prison for the rest of his life? I can’t imagine that conditions in an Iraqi prison are anything to write home about and he wouldn’t have been popular with most other prisoners. Instead they hang him and he becomes a martyr. Nothing good will come of taking another life. No right thinking person could support what he did to the Iraqi people but things are definitely going to get worse now that he’s dead.


More coverage including a video of Saddam walking up to the noose, surrounding by black-masked men in what looks like a spartan concrete bunker on Hotair and Google blogsearch.

An uncensored video shot in the same room doesn’t stop where the CNN one above does. It’s on Google Video already and I found it on The Whistleblower. It’s too gruesome for me to embed here so if you really want to watch it click the link.

More on this boingboing post.

Some bloggers on seem to be going mad for the video of Saddam’s hanging. Sheesh!

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Linkbaiter of the year 2006

Funnily enough, I bought an issue of Time magazine today in which someone is complaining about the white covers of recent issues and expressing the hope that the person of the year cover would have a little more impact.

Little did they know that Time would become linkbaiter of the year by naming everyone on the Internet as person of the year for 2006! More on Techmeme, Copyblogger and lots of others.

Time still has a white cover however!