First Post From Fedora Core 2

No, I don’t know yet if I’ve been hit by the WinXP/Kernel 2.6 bug but I do have the recovery commands written out in good old dead tree format just in case things go sideways when I reboot later.
First impressions? It’s buggy, a little. Nautilaus just crashed there and it’s not responding correctly yet (I’ll probably need to restart X), I had to enter the Oceanfree dns settings in /etc/resolv.conf as kppp didn’t pick them up from pppd for some reason (they appeared in /var/log/messages however), and when I first went online Mozilla and Moz FF both crashed when they received keyboard input. That seems to be solved now by restarting X (obviously, if you’re reading this!)
Later… Booting into XP seems to be OK!

Apart from that, it looks nice, the usual arial-type fonts are installed although they look bigger than FC1 but maybe that’s down to some tweaking I did previously in FC1.
The first thing to do of course is install apt, do an “update”, and install “xmms-mp3” as well as a few updates that are available.
Open Office works as well as can be expected, Gnucash is slightly updated but nothing new. I briefly played with the new spatial features of Nautilaus but it’s crashed now so that experimentation was short lived!
Is it worth upgrading from FC1? Probably not, especially if you have a Kernel 2.6 update for FC1 then you get all the speed improvements without the bugs. πŸ™‚
Later Still… I’ve burned CDs, copied photos from my camera (it’s handy that a “camera” icon appears automagically now), and Nautilus seems to have settled down somewhat. It generates thumbnails of image folders really quickly, almost as quickly as WinXP, and certainly much faster than Gthumb (and Gthumb can use the same thumbnails AFAICS).
This is a handy tip for using the Gnome 2.6 GUI. Not obvious and terrible usability wise however:

You can type a file name into the new file selector.

Ctrl + L will open the filename box, with autocomplete and all.

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