Sitewide tags pages for WordPress MU

For WordPress MU only. My latest plugin is the sitewide tags pages plugin. This is the initial release of a plugin that creates a set of pages like the WordPress.com Hot Topics pages. It’s a lot more simplistic, but by feeding posts into one blog it also creates a sitewide […]


WordPress MU 1.3.3

I just released WordPress MU 1.3.3 and it’s now available for download. This is a critical security release based on WordPress 2.3.3 and everyone is encouraged to upgrade. Here is the forum announcement. I also listed the 3 security fixes that were the reason for 1.3.2. If you haven’t upgraded […]


WordPress MU 1.3.2

WordPress MU 1.3.2 was tagged earlier today. This is a major security update that brings together the fixes in WordPress 2.3.2 and a number of critical WordPress MU specific security problems. Details of the fixes will be posted to the WordPress MU forum next week to give administrators time to […]


WordPress MU 1.3

Finally, after what seems like an age, the download page has been updated with the new WordPress MU 1.3 release. WordPress MU is a multi-blog version of WordPress which runs on millions of blogs all over the world. The major blogging site, WordPress.com uses it as do many others. This […]


WordPress MU 1.2

Go grab the new WordPress MU 1.2 from the download page now. This is primarily a bugfix update but it also has a security fix and all WPMU site owners are encouraged to upgrade. I’ll post to the MU forums in a few days time with details of the security […]


You didn't hear? Upgrade now!

On the off chance that you haven’t heard the news yet. You should upgrade your WordPress install straight away. Don’t hesitate, do it now. Don’t pause to grab a cup of coffee. If you’re just waking up then rub the sleep from your eyes and jump to the download page […]


Catch it if you can! WordPress mu 1.1.1 escaped!

Despite my best efforts to put off releasing WordPress mu 1.1.1 for another day it slipped through my fingers, tarred and zipped itself into neat bundles on the download page and screamed at all and sundry that it was free. So, go on! Download and enjoy. As always, try it […]


The new WordPress UTW gotcha

(Later – Scroll to the end of this post for a small patch to fix the problem with disappearing tags!) As seen elsewhere and of course on the official blog, WordPress 2.1 was released to much fanfare yesterday. It works great, I’ve been using the development version on my blogs […]

When-in-Ireland , WordPress

Ask the developer

On January 20th I’ll be speaking at BarCamp South East on the subject of WordPress.com and WordPress MU. The talk is titled, “WordPress.com – running the biggest wpmu site in the world” which is vague enough that I could talk about anything but I’d like to know what you want […]

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