Saddam Hussein should have rotted in prison

Why didn’t they let him rot in prison for the rest of his life? I can’t imagine that conditions in an Iraqi prison are anything to write home about and he wouldn’t have been popular with most other prisoners. Instead they hang him and he becomes a martyr. Nothing good will come of taking another life. No right thinking person could support what he did to the Iraqi people but things are definitely going to get worse now that he’s dead.


More coverage including a video of Saddam walking up to the noose, surrounding by black-masked men in what looks like a spartan concrete bunker on Hotair and Google blogsearch.

An uncensored video shot in the same room doesn’t stop where the CNN one above does. It’s on Google Video already and I found it on The Whistleblower. It’s too gruesome for me to embed here so if you really want to watch it click the link.

More on this boingboing post.

Some bloggers on seem to be going mad for the video of Saddam’s hanging. Sheesh!


8 thoughts on “Saddam Hussein should have rotted in prison

  1. you are right, in Italy the death punishment is forbidden and the Italian government has dissociated himself to the execution it, the war will now worsen.

  2. No doubt this death penalty was staged by the Texas cowboy and Co. and thanks to Hussein´s death they just unpinned iraq grenade as it´s shown on the above cartoon.

  3. Disagree. Keeping Saddam in prison would provide a focus for rescue and kidnap attempts by various factions, indefinitely. It would have created physical, logistical and legal problems for all sides, the new Iraqi state and for Americans so long as we are involved, there.

    It would have required and tied up a garrison of guards and protectors, provided the possibility of a dramatic midnight rescue or midnight murder, and given access to him by his various remaining supporters.

    It would have created a mess. The matter, as it stands, was handled quite well under the circumstances provided.

  4. it’s pathetic that saddamis now a symbol of anti-death penalty! couldn’t you liberals choose a better example! give us a break!, your false-and instrumental sympathy is an insult to those relatives who lost loved one to saddam…you use saddam’s death to again criticize bush, how sick are you? grow up!, you coudl care less about saddam , you just want to keep your anti-everything agenda alive…

  5. I agree with Jordan and Bob Lesher. It was definitely the right thing to do. And the death penalty of someone who threated to use WMD should not be used as a symbol for the support of the anti-death movement.

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