A free daffodil for your blog today

Today is Daffodil Day here in Ireland and in honour of the day I’m offering a daffodil header image to any blogger who’d like it. There are no restrictions on how you use this image, do what you like, but I would love if you would blog about Daffodil Day.

I’ve made two header images especially suited to blogs using the K2 theme. These are 780×200 images, and to make things easier there’s a mirrored image to suit your blog title. Larger sizes are available on request.

Daffodil Day is in aid of cancer research. The Irish Cancer Society does what it can to fund raise for cancer research and care so they’re a good charity to support.

Daffodil Day is the largest annual fundraising event run by the Irish Cancer Society to raise money for people with cancer.

This year our Daffodil Day is on March 23rd, and over 5,000 volunteers nationwide will be helping to sell fresh and silk daffodils and daffodil pins.

If you would like to help out during Daffodil Day, just phone us on 1 850 60 60 60 or Email reception@irishcancer.ie

Daffodils are flowers of hope and of springtime. That is why they are such an appropriate symbol for the Irish Cancer Society’s cancer care projects. These projects help to improve the quality of care available to people with cancer throughout Ireland.



I have to admit their linking policy is a little strange. I never thought I’d have to ask permission by fax to link to a website.

Slightly later … we bought our daffodils while doing a spot of shopping in Blarney. Here’s the very nice volunteer and her springer spaniel who were manning the stall outside Supervalu. A bunch of daffodils or a pin are 3 Euro each. A small contribution to cancer research.


Updated a year later in 2008! Daffodil Day is next Friday. I’m offering a beautiful daffodils photo for sale in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. See my blog post for further details!

47 thoughts on “A free daffodil for your blog today

  1. OH MY GOD!

    Great cause but what’s with that linking policy???

    Does anyone even read it? What happens if I link to them do I get a solicitors letter?

    Unbelievable. Who put that together.

  2. No, my fax machine which is a central part of my office is broken. I don’t know how I can live without it really. It’s been a trying experience.
    I mean, this online thing is only a fad. My telex machine is still plugged in and chugging away.

    Err, the last fax machine I had was in my modem and never got used. 🙂
    Ho hum. If they really don’t want any pagerank goodness then I’ll strip the links out and list them at the end of the post without linking them. After posting this it did occur to me that other bloggers might pick up on this and link to cancer.ie themselves. They’re just outside the Alexa top 100,000 today but perhaps that will change in the coming weeks.

  3. Seems to me that whoever wrote that policy doesn’t really understand how the web works. They’re attempting the equivalent of trying to stop me from standing on the sidewalk and pointing at their office without prior written permission.

  4. …and of course you have now officially breached clauses 1 & 2 of their policy by using the “linking policy” link to their “linking policy” page. 😀

  5. Wanchan – good analogy! I wonder if someone will post a picture of that? Anyone in Dublin care to oblige?

    frankp – Yup, one of mine. There are daffodils growing in the estate and I grabbed a few shots a couple of days ago when it was nice and sunny!

  6. I might actually leave that header in place. The blue surround matches it nicely and is growing on me.
    It’s more in your face than the old green header and surround though.
    I’ll live with it for a few hours and see how it fits.

  7. Legally speaking, Wanchan is right, at least as far as US law is concerned. I can’t imagine it’s much different in other countries. US courts have decided that URLs are simply publicly available addresses and can be treated as facts, and require no one’s approval to disseminate.

    There’s today’s legal nugget. Now link away, my brethren!

  8. Tunequest

    Unfortunately not all of us are in the US and don’t come under the US laws.

    I would use the header but my blog is all text. I’m getting the itch to change theme again though.

    Cancer research is a great cause, one of my friends went through a scare not so long ago and it really brought it home to me how widespread the disease really is.

    Upchuck at that linking policy though.

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  10. Hi Collin, I do realize there is much of the world outside the U.S. I just figured that if any Americans stumble upon this thread, they’d find it helpful. Plus it might encourage others to look into their own country’s hyperlink laws.

    I did some quick gooling and found that, according to a cita.ie white paper, Ireland has no formal laws governing hyperlinks, but it does offer some guidelines. https://www.cita.ie/admin/03legal_web.pdf

  11. Indeed, and after I had posted the previous comment and read it back, it came out much harsher than I intended it to, so I apologise. My dig wasn’t at you, I am just very aware of how many US citizens believe that their laws apply the world over.

    Anyhow, that’s an interesting PDF, thanks. For quick reference to others, the section on linking is on page 9 and 10. It seems to be a general (and good) guideline (from outlaw.com) that cita.ie has, um, copied? 😉

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  13. I bought two pots of daffodils here at work, and received them last week. I promptly watched them wilt under the odd climate conditions of my office. A coworker is taking on pot home to plant.

    All for charity!


  14. Funny! this post reminds me of a Dutch automobile manufacturer named Daf. In the 50’s and 60’s they build a Daf called Daffodil…Think I’ll Google for it the next few days.

  15. A Kumomo Tree Charity Project was launched last two weeks to raise fund for charity. The idea is to sell ad space in Kumomo.com and the revenue will go to charity. You may want to check this http://www.kumomo.com/kumomo-tree to explore how this can help raising fund for Irish Cancer Society.

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