Why is it that I always join a game of B…

Why is it that I always join a game of Bad Company 2 defending on Nelson Bay when I play alone?

I just “rage quit” when I joined a game where the final Bravo crate was all lit up. I didn’t even enter the game, just turned back and quit.

Later… Conor and Dave got online afterwards and we had a few games. Won maybe 2 of them, and lost badly on Laguna Preza. Dave has more on his blog.

It’s really disheartening to join a game right at the end of the match. I spent almost an hour looking for a fame where I wasn’t defending the last or second last base. Obviously the game engine has a warped sense of how “good” I am and thinks I can turn the tide on a rout!

MY KDR for the evening was 0.68 according to this history page. The increase of my global KDR to 0.74 happened before I played last night! Luckily it didn’t go down.

Later still … Dave posted what I consider the best Bad Company 2 video on Youtube, ever! This sniper was annoying as hell, I couldn’t figure out where he was as he got several one-hit kills so the damage indicator was no use! I remember Dave said he teabagged him, but it’s so delicious actually seeing it.


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  1. Almost an hour later and every game but one has been defending on the last or second last base. Keep trying.

    Somehow my KDR has increased to 0.74. Dunno how that happened, apart from one or two games it felt like the team I was on were being totally overrun!

  2. My KDR went down by 0.01. I don’t know what was going on last night. The other team weren’t that good in retrospect – I was being killed by the same people in the same bushes who weren’t really playing the objective for the most part.

    1. True, that bovril, I mean bovoir, guy sat way back at his own spawn in Laguna Presa for quite some time as a recon. Then again, maybe the rest of our team sucked even more?

      I noticed the teams got quite unbalanced, they had 2 more players for a while, and 1 more for almost the whole Laguna game.

      1. Not being able to communicate with other squads is a real pain the bum. Obviously 12 people all yelling at the same time wouldn’t work, but even if one person could communicate with one person in one of the other squads then that’d be a major boost. For example – you’d be able to communicate with your opposite on Bravo squad, I could comm with my opposite on Charlie Squad and so on. I think it’d make for much better team play.

        And thanks for the best video accolade, when I cut out all the pointless bits I was surprised that I still needed to commentate 5 minutes!

    1. Well, I was going to suggest tomorrow night but I see you’re in North America so that might not work with you? I’m in Ireland, 6 hours ahead of the east coast so it’ll be anywhere from noon to 3pm your time by the time I get online. I’m hoping to play with a friend Eddie, and maybe one or two others.

      Otherwise, the weekend is always the best time, at least players in the US/Canada will hopefully be off work and able to play, and I’ll have my son in bed asleep! 🙂

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