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Damien alerted me to the fact that the new blogs are using WordPress, and so with much excitement I hit the site and browsed around. A quick look at the source showed that they are in fact using WordPress MU which is rather neat. is the website of The Irish Times, a major daily newspaper here. It’ll be great to see journalists blogging there, but only if they are allowed free reign. If they pull it off, they’ll bring a lot more attention to the site.

So far, only two blogs are operating. On the Record is a music blog written by Jim Carroll, and Price Watch by Conor Pope. Conor’s first post is Window or aisle? €15 please, a short post exploring new charges by Aer Lingus. I don’t see a Trackback link there but hopefully they’ll allow trackbacks and pingbacks sooner rather than later.

Welcome to the blog page. We have two blogs, one written by music journalist Jim Carroll, using his weekly column On The Record as its cornerstone. This blog will shed light on the machinations of the music industry at home and abroad. From today, the consumer-focused PriceWatch section will also be carried in blog form on the site. Written by Conor Pope, the blog will be updated throughout the week and will allow users to post details of rip-offs, ask questions and perhaps even highlight bargains they have spotted.

Update on Sep 8, 2009 They’re not using WordPress MU any more unfortunately. Looks like a Windows based system, with ugly urls. The links to the blogs above are broken as a result. Disappointing.

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  1. Yes, and a big thanks to Donncha and all the others behind WordPress MU from myself and the other technical staff in It’s a great testament that our journalists have taken to the system so quickly. It’s just a shame that Ohz’s theme toolkit doesn’t like WPMU, and Spam Karma 2 doesn’t use relative links on the admin interface which leads to more fun and games, and then there’s moderating trackbacks, and… well it’s still a work in progress but we’ll get all the nice plugins enabled eventually.

  2. I love Ireland, and my respect for them just went up with the news that they are using WordPress for their blogging needs!

  3. Great stuff, now when do those consulting fees come into it 🙂

    Seriously though, one day I’ll tell you the story about the big media org who hires someone who has done everything with a particular established mu blogging engine and then decides that ‘hang on, we can make our own just as good’ system… entirely fictional of course 😉


  4. WP is the best blogging software by far I think, and it just keeps getting stronger, with new features and plugins coming out all the time. It makes perfect sense to use it.

  5. The Irish Times rebranded online last year from to, and are still using WordPress MU. There are now 9 active blogs on the site using WordPress MU.

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