Topless Speed Bandits cause traffic pile up

It appears that the Danes have been just a little too good at slowing down traffic by employing a new method of attracting the attention of speeding drivers to speed limit signs. Drivers are literally queuing up to watch the young beauties holding the signs. Oops. The following video might be viewed as NSFW so click through with caution!

Or maybe not, it’s a video made by the Danish Road Safety Council to get drivers to watch out for speed signs. It’s also become a huge viral hit on the Internet, “the campaign was seen 1 million times across 180 countries, being viewed 55 times even in Vatican [in the first week]” (source)

I wonder what Gay Byrne would say about this, and why didn’t Ray D’Arcy think of this? (via)

2 thoughts on “Topless Speed Bandits cause traffic pile up

  1. I cannot but show my pittiness. Was planning to come for a long stay in denmark however i must now say that i will not. no wonder divorce rates are increasing… now the local council is promoting it! Find a better way copenhagen to decrease the speed limits!!!

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