St. Patrick’s Day 2020

This year the festival is cancelled because of COVID-19, but it was a busy day nonetheless as Gavan Reilly summarises:

That didn’t stop people all around the country holding their own parades and singing to the neighbours! I’ve added a selection I found on Twitter to the end of this post, but first this. Treasa is back blogging so go look at today’s and yesterday’s posts on her blog at She reminded me that my wife took a photo of people queuing to get into Tesco yesterday.

The queue to get into Tesco Paul Street, Cork yesterday. Credit: Jacinta O Caoimh.

In other news, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar will give a televised address in about twenty minutes on RTE1 (on Radio 1 too) and Virgin Media One.

Edit: watch the speech here.

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St. Patrick’s Day 2018

The 17th of March this year was a very cold day. It was overcast and dreary. A bitterly cold wind blew. Ireland were playing England in rugby at the same time most parades were taking place, which makes it all the more extraordinary that people turned out at all to watch and cheer on the parades around the country.

The Blarney parade was smaller than previous years, and the crowd was definitely smaller too but they made up for it in sheer enthusiasm and good cheer. I have to salute those of the parade who walked the route dressed in uniforms or costumes. I could not have done it!


Paddy’s Day through Google Glass

A stereotypical St Patrick’s Day through Google Glass. Call the day Patty’s Day in Ireland and someone will ask you if you want fries and a drink with that burger. It’s Paddy, not Patty!

Aren’t national stereotypes wonderful?

What the video completely fails to show is the bustling crowds, children on their father’s shoulders watching the parades, food stalls, hawkers selling memorabilia and the crush and stress and the “Oy, stop pushing there!” and getting home exhausted. 🙂


Patrick's Day in Blarney

We were originally going to be walking in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Blarney but our son fell asleep a few minutes ago, and it wouldn’t be fair on him to drag him out unfortunately. We did visit the “farmers market” this morning however and I took a few photos. They’re really only snapshots but I hope you enjoy them, especially if you have visited Blarney.

This is probably the few times in the year that you’ll see this many locals near Blarney Castle! 😉
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Humour Ireland

The Simpsons come to Ireland

St. Patrick's Day So, a new Irish themed Simpsons will air tomorrow night to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and the whole world is going gaga over it.

We had lunch in Blarney today and heard from more than one person that the Simpsons will be making an appearance tomorrow at Blarney Castle! I think people are confusing reality with a cartoon storyline. Things are getting out of hand. Next thing you know, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Ducks will be spotted walking out of the Woollen Mills and drinking pints with the locals.

I have the episode set to record on Sky+ anyway. Should be a laugh.

Oh, and it’s not “Patty’s Day”. A pat is something a cow leaves behind in a field and contributes to global warming and is quite smelly. Dung beetles like it too. If you must shorten “St. Patrick’s Day”, it’s “Paddy’s Day”! Thanks Gavin for alerting me to this atrocious misspelling.

Music When-in-Ireland

Classic Irish Rock from Horslips

St. Patrick’s Day has arrived and it’s beautiful outside. It’s perfect weather for landscape photography – plenty of light and an interesting sky with fluffy clouds floating on-high. I’ll be on the streets of Cork photographing the crowds and the parade so look out for me if you’re around!

Just because of the day that’s in it, and because I was dancing around the kitchen with Oscar this morning to this song, here’s Horslips playing “An Dearg Doom”.
Video of the aforementioned dancing will not be making it’s way onto the Internet any time soon…

Just back from town now. We met Linda and went to Luigi Malones for lunch, hoping to catch the last bit of the parade afterwards, but as we reached Patrick’s Street at 2pm the crowd started to disperse! The parade lasted barely an hour! Conor saw the whole thing and he said we didn’t miss much. I got some great shots of the crowd and as everyone was in good mood many people posed and acted a little crazy for the camera.

A few minutes later we met Conor and Sylvia, headed to the farmers market where Linda and I took long exposure shots of the carosel and we eventually ended up in a nearby cafe for further refreshment.

Looks like some photos of the parade are showing up on Flickr already. I saw an insane number of people with digital SLRs. Folks, why aren’t you all blogging?

I think Linda might have found a new passion in street photography too. Can’t wait to see her shots!


More photos: Red Mum took some excellent shots of the parade in Dublin. Monasette did the same in Galway. Gallery to follow! Flickr has lots to offer today! Anyone else I can link to? Leave a comment!

Everyone’s very quiet! No more photos? I have a few photos on my photoblog, and I’ll be posting some more over the next week.

In the news When-in-Ireland

St. Patrick's Day 2007

Tomorrow is the feast day of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. Unfortunately it seems that St. Patrick was never canonised officially by a Pope, but that’s ok because according to Wikipedia, “for most of Christianity’s first thousand years, canonisations were done on the diocesan or regional level.” We’ll not give up our Saint without a fight! (via)

In honour of the day parades will be held in all the cities and many of the towns of Ireland. I’ll be in Cork tomorrow to capture a flavour of the day and photos will appear soon after on In Photos.

Some links to whet your appetite for tomorrow:

  • I can’t believe the last time I posted St Patrick’s Day photos was 2004! I did shoot the St. Patrick’s Festival which was on during and after the parade last year. That was great fun with street entertainers and food stalls. Yum!
  • Details about the Cork Parade can be found on the Cork Festival website. The parade starts at 1pm from the end of the South Mall and heads up towards Mc Curtain Street. The usual route of the parade if memory serves.
  • The Dublin festival lives at and if the radio adverts I’ve heard are anything to go it’ll be a great day!
  • Does your town or city have a parade website? Leave a comment and I’ll link it here!

Blogorrah lists five reasons it’s great to be Irish which will either bring a smile to your face or confusion. Frawley’s? Never heard of it! I love reason two however!

You don’t have to resign from office for being corrupt – just pretend you’re really sorry for about half an hour. Or better still – ignore it and it’ll go away!