The Saddam and George show

Ignoring the fact that George Bush declined Saddam Hussein’s challenge to a televised debate, Tim Dowling exclusively reveals what could have happened had they met.
Laugh, you have to!

I'm for War…(Redux) I can’t …

I’m for War…(Redux)

I can’t believe I’m going to write this, but I’m having second thoughts about the soon to be launched Gulf War V 1.1. The breaking point came when I read what’s linked above, late last week. Yes that’s right the Bush budget didn’t have a single line in it dedicated to providing aid to or infrastructure funding for Afghanistan, the country they invaded and are now occupying. It’s colonialism with the emphases on hoping the populace will just crawl off and die somewhere.

Excellent writing, as always, Mark.

Bulletin: American people supp …

Bulletin: American people support France, Germany over Bush!

Now, polls are fickle, and one doesn’t want or expect a leader to make decisions based on them alone. But when an American leader pushes a risky and potentially difficult war, he needs more than a thin and confused margin of support — support that isn’t even really support once you look at it closely. That was the lesson of Vietnam.
Oh, I forgot — Bush wasn’t there.

Irish Soccer star, Roy Keane, …

Irish Soccer star, Roy Keane, has been sent home. I got that message in a blank email stating, Roy Keane sent home, thanks Dod for the heads-up. and are both sluggish, probably with Irish people trying to find out more. is still responsive but there isn’t much news there yet, and doesn’t have any news of his leaving at this time.
Just in: has an article on it. (Thanks Gearoid!)
UPDATE: More links from Gearoid.

Take out your frustrations on Mick McCarthy has more on the story – He’ll only be replaced if FIFA see that he’s injured, apparently!

Here’s a petition to sign regarding this matter, although the aims of the petition aren’t spelt out clearly, it’s a start.