Black Ops TDM: Jungle

I went 17-6 in a game of team deathmatch on Jungle yesterday evening. One of the very few multiplayer games where I went positive but then I’ve only played against human player a handful of times so far.


Catching Boosters in Black Ops

Yes, another Red Dragon (the other one) video, this time showing a booster idiot in the Call of Duty Black Ops leaderboards. siebs12 is the offending player so if you play on Xbox please report him. Sad, nasty lag switch cheater.


Black Ops: How the other side play

It’s should be obvious to everyone but in Theater mode in Call of Duty Black Ops you can view the recent games of both friends and strangers alike. That means you can head over to the top players lists for any particular game type, view their gamercard and view their […]


Interesting evening of Black Ops gamepla…

Interesting evening of Black Ops gameplay last night. I joined Duck, Garnz and Tye in a game of Zombies. Apparently I was Castro and everyone got a kick out of seeing me dive to prone. We also played Dead Ops Arcade too which was fun, before finally settling into some […]


Dead Ops Arcade

A secret top-down shooter ala Smash TV is hidden in Call of Duty Black Ops. If the video above disappears try this search to find it. Must give this a go! (via) There are also lots of other things you can type into that terminal too!


Note to self: when one’s team gets slau…

Note to self: when one’s team gets slaughtered in a game of Call of Duty Black Ops TDM, BACK OUT OF THE LOBBY. Just because it’s a new game doesn’t mean the other team will suddenly grow old and their God-like reactions will suddenly disappear. Still, I went positive in […]



Watch me get killed over and and over, and occasionally kill enemy players in this game of Bad C Call of Duty Bad Company Black Ops. I’m so used to playing Bad Company it’s second nature to write it! Anyway, this was my 3rd game of Black Ops. In my […]


While everyone else is playing Black Ops…

While everyone else is playing Black Ops (seriously, 7 friends online and they’re all playing it!) myself and Duck had some kick ass games of Bad Company 2. We didn’t always win, but some hard fought games were had. I’m sure I have some some good clips to dig through […]


Black Ops: Sniping against Bots

Apparently Call of Duty Black Ops came out in Spain and Germany already, has it? That’s how this guy got to play against the (terrible) bots in “Nuketown”. This is the second Black Ops video I’ve seen on this level and the graphics in both really bug me, I prefer […]

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