Black Ops: How the other side play

It’s should be obvious to everyone but in Theater mode in Call of Duty Black Ops you can view the recent games of both friends and strangers alike. That means you can head over to the top players lists for any particular game type, view their gamercard and view their games.

Here’s a useful grenade throw from Havana I found by viewing a recent game. By luck I started viewing the game from an enemy player’s perspective and saw him kill getcrackin with a vehicle explosion. Ouch eh?

I think it takes a few days for games to appear in the recent games list, and/or it’s a buggy POS, but I tried finding the Nuketown game I played 2 nights ago but it wasn’t there. I wanted to see how that ballistic knife wielding barstool played. I’ll check later again.

By Donncha

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I was shocked, but then again, he produces some great videos so that stopped me filing a protest message on your behalf.

I’m sure he’d change his Youtube username and gamertag if you asked politely. 😉

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