Catching Boosters in Black Ops

Yes, another Red Dragon (the other one) video, this time showing a booster idiot in the Call of Duty Black Ops leaderboards. siebs12 is the offending player so if you play on Xbox please report him.

Sad, nasty lag switch cheater.

0 thoughts on “Catching Boosters in Black Ops

  1. hey
    how do you report gamers on xbox 360 live for cheating. it seems i can only get to the gamertags when a game is starting. do you go through the dashboard. also how do they boost it seems like evryone is moving at lightning speed. gamers seem to be able to run up and kill me befor i can say boo. its so anoying and the game is no fun at all. no one plays the game right anyway they just run around shooting what a waste i guesse its fun for them oh well it always people having to be a__holes.

    1. There’s a section of the dashboard, I think you go into some menu listing recently met players, select them and you can report them that way.

      Those games where everyone’s running fast are hacked lobbies unfortunately. Get out of them when you stumble on one as it may do bad things to your Xbox.

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