While everyone else is playing Black Ops…

While everyone else is playing Black Ops (seriously, 7 friends online and they’re all playing it!) myself and Duck had some kick ass games of Bad Company 2. We didn’t always win, but some hard fought games were had. I’m sure I have some some good clips to dig through over the next few days! 🙂

Yes, I am getting Black Ops, on PS3. It’ll arrive in the next day or so I expect, but what am I really excited about? The new Bad Company 2 map pack and Vietnam Expansion.

The video recording software I use, HDPVRCapture has been updated, and while the homepage hasn’t been updated I was most excited about “Added support for infinite recording time” that appeared in the changelog. I presumed it was like a FIFO buffer but there’s no sign of that or documentation describing it so who knows?

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  1. Yeah. You’re not kidding… My head is still swimming from playing BO for so long. I’ve been having dreams concerning BO just from watching the YouTube vids, alone. (shaking the numbness out of my head)

  2. I was playing Black Ops last night, and it was very good fun. I still think BF:BC2 is the better game though, and I’m looking forward to the new maps and Vietnam expansion!

  3. I just bit the bullet after years of not playing games and downloaded steam and COD4: Modern Warfare. Obviously I’m a complete newbie but to me it seems pretty remarkable (considering the last time I played a FPS was probably 2003 with Counter Strike).

    I haven’t tried any multi-player yet, just going through the single player missions. Not sure how well multi-player will work on sub-par net connections in Cambodia. In theory, in my office, I’m on a 1Mbps synchronous connection, but it varies a lot: http://www.speedtest.net/result/1025622270.png

    Added you on Steam but I’m guessing you’re not on there if you’re playing on a PS3, but I know jack shit about this stuff 😉

    Greets from Cambodia!

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