Watch me get killed over and and over, and occasionally kill enemy players in this game of Bad C Call of Duty Bad Company Black Ops. I’m so used to playing Bad Company it’s second nature to write it!

Anyway, this was my 3rd game of Black Ops. In my very first game I managed 1 kill and died several times, second game on Havana was a blast and I did a bit better, and here I did ok, not brilliantly, but ok.
In a recent video Colin bemoaned the fact that he was getting a low 2+ KDR in the game and I wonder what good games are like for him! When I go positive I break out the Champagne!

Thanks Mike for playing, and wish I’d known that was really you in the earlier combat training game!

Next video will be Bad Company 2, and I have lots more footage and great clips to post from that!

0 thoughts on “COD Black Ops: GRID TDM

  1. Looks good mate, hopefully I will get it one day soon so can experience it myself

    Out of sympathy for myself tonight I actually fired up MW2 and did the campaigh (just for the lol’s)

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