Note to self: when one’s team gets slau…

Note to self: when one’s team gets slaughtered in a game of Call of Duty Black Ops TDM, BACK OUT OF THE LOBBY. Just because it’s a new game doesn’t mean the other team will suddenly grow old and their God-like reactions will suddenly disappear.

Still, I went positive in one game on Radiation and that was fun. Thank Duck, Conor, Nick and Mike for playing!

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  1. I did soooo bad the game after you left. 11-23 or something like that. Duck said he was gonna record the game since he did well, which I think means he’s going to post it. Strangely, I did better on my own, though I definitely had more fun playing with you guys.

    1. Ouch, the last two games we played were really bad. I think I deleted the recordings as I knew I didn’t want to watch that ballistic knife guy kill me one more time.

      Is ballistic knife+ghost+lightweight the new commando?

      1. It feels like it sometimes, but that thing is hard to use. So, if they can successfully wield it, then kudos to them -as annoying as they may be with their marathon lightweight.

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