Modern Combat: Domination

An FPS for $8 you say? A COD clone? It’s out on PSN today and the trailer above looks good. I’m sure reviews will flood in shortly. (via)


What is Minecraft?

So the other evening, in between killing zombies, David asked me what Minecraft was like and I said I still wasn’t sure and that it was a sandbox game where you built stuff.

Boy, can you build stuff. Check out the following video to see exactly what kind of mad things can be built in the world of Minecraft. Thanks Duck (who was in it!)

Anyway, on this Joystiq post NecroMaster asked, “i’ll probably get downvoted for this, but what IS minecraft? i cant figure out :S”. Surprisingly, he wasn’t downvoted but got a few good replies:

wcarnation said

@NecroMaster Imagine SimCity

Without the City

or the Sims

ShadowXIII said

Now what its about really…? Well pretty much take a lego set…make it real, then take harvestable resources from every end of the spectrum and give the player to create things out of various materials (not everything..yet) and throw in a few enemies that can spawn in from the shadows of anything and this is what you get.

VeeDeeVee said

It’s Lego, with optional enemies and a never-ending world (more or less). You mine stuff and then convert that stuff into more valuable stuff.

David will be pleased to hear that the latest update added cake too, but sometimes it’s best to leave the cake alone …

So there you have it! I’m not 100% sure it’s for me as I don’t have hours and hours to spend on it. I built a nice big room adjoining my cave on the second day, knocked down the walls of the cave to make it even bigger on the thirda day but now I’m scared to go out in case I get killed by a marauding zombie. And I can hear a creeper at the other side of the wall too.. *gulp*

Blarney Towers

Much later … ok, so I had some time to kill and rather than watch tv or do something productive I created a ~60 block high tower with a spiral staircase and an “in the clouds” platform.


Little Big Planet 2 Review

I wonder did Joystiq jump the gun with this review of Little Big Planet 2? Probably not, and they give it 5 out of 5!

This is definitely going on my shopping list, and it’s been on my Amazon wishlist for months now.


Dead Ops Arcade

A secret top-down shooter ala Smash TV is hidden in Call of Duty Black Ops. If the video above disappears try this search to find it. Must give this a go! (via)

There are also lots of other things you can type into that terminal too!


Get 400 MS points for Xbox Live when you…

Get 400 MS points for Xbox Live when you download the Red Dead Redemption multiplayer free roam trailer. Well, if you’re one of the first 5,000 to do so. The promotion started yesterday and I just started my download a minute ago when I remembered. Hope I got in on time. (UK only, but come on, I’m just over the Irish Sea!)

More on this Joystiq post.


X Scorch 360 Review

Joystiq reviewed the X Scorch 360 I mentioned previously. It’s a mouse and nunchuck device you can use with the Xbox 360 (or PC) that takes the place of the Xbox controller. I would dearly love if consoles support mice and keyboards as gaming devices so I had high hopes for this.

They weren’t too happy with it unfortunately.

The frustrating thing about the X Scorch from Bannco is how close the odd split-controller and mouse combo comes to being really great. As you’ll see in the video, though, the controller, compatible with Xbox 360 and PC, is all but impossible to recommend at $79.99.

Read the comments on the review however, lots of the settings are configurable on a PC so perhaps they’ll do a follow up review.


Batman: Arkham Asylum reviews roll in

Oh yes, I remember well the original Batman The Movie game. Bloody good it was, even if I didn’t get that far in it. Amazing music to top it all off. I can still hear the first level beat in my head all these years later.
I only played it on the C64 but the Zzap 64! screenshots of the Amiga version had me wishing I owned the more powerful 16 bit machine.

Batman The Movie, C64
Batman The Movie, C64

Batman The Movie, Amiga
Batman The Movie, Amiga

Actually, I remember seeing the flip screen Batman The Caped Crusader on someone’s Amstrad CPC 464 too but I never got into that sort of thing myself.

This year’s “Batman: Arkham Asylum” is another story altogether. I played the demo on Xbox Live last weekend and was blown away first by the amazing intro and the visuals, but then by how easy it was to swing from Gargoyle to Gargoyle, doing the Batman thing! The demo itself isn’t that long but it’s a great taster for what’s to come!

batman attack

The guys at Joystiq loved the game too, giving the game a very favourable review, even going so far as to say,

Easily the best video game 2009 has had to offer thus far.

The game’s Metacritic score has hit a very impressive 91 putting it in the 20 of Xbox 360 games.

Yes, of course the game is on my wishlist. Now if only there were 26 hours in a day…

PS. Just in case you’re not convinced, check out this metareview of lots of other glowing reviews. I want!