Interesting evening of Black Ops gamepla…

Interesting evening of Black Ops gameplay last night. I joined Duck, Garnz and Tye in a game of Zombies. Apparently I was Castro and everyone got a kick out of seeing me dive to prone. We also played Dead Ops Arcade too which was fun, before finally settling into some games of Battlefield Training.
The DCRUColin bot proved too much for some of us, but the Sasben bot was my pick of the AI players!

0 thoughts on “Interesting evening of Black Ops gamepla…

  1. I thought you had to unlock the Castro character from the campaign first (or use the cheat) …and DOA can be multiplayer? How did you do in zombie mode?

  2. I think Duck was leading the party and he tweeted that he finished the game yesterday, so he either unlocked it or used the terminal code. Either way doesn’t matter, I hope he was recording. It was a blast to see those famous faces! I was rendering that BC2 video al evening.

    We didn’t do too well, got to level 7 but did ok in arcade mode! I think DOA was just another mode in the zombie menu because we didn’t have to exit it.

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