Bad Habits

swordsmanx75 covers some of the bad habits he’s developed while playing first person shooters. I was very interested to hear about his FPS Freek one. He uses the joint of his thumb to aim so I hopped in a game tonight to see what I do. I think I use the flat of my thumb.

Do you use the tip of your thumb on the right stick? The FPS Freek makes it harder to use that because the stick is so long but it might be more accurate. I tried it and it wasn’t at all comfortable. Unfortunately for my little experiment I spent most of my time in the tank!

Leaked Bad Company 2 Server Files

Over on reddit is a report that files necessary for running your own Bad Company 2 server have got into the wild.

I don’t have any interest in them except for the fact that hacks will appear and script kiddies will play hacked BC2 games. On PC it may become just like Modern Warfare 2. Nobody wants that.

Chances are, if the only videos you uplo…

Chances are, if the only videos you upload to Youtube are Modern Warfare 2 videos I have or will unsubscribe from your channel. Sorry, but I never watch them any more.

Removing myself from Machinima alone has made a huge difference to my subscription page!

It really baffles me why Modern Warfare …

It really baffles me why Modern Warfare 2 is played more than Bad Company 2. Dice got so many things right and the game doesn’t suffer from the numerous bugs MW2 does.
I really can’t understand why the complainers, the most vocal dissenters still play it and don’t move on to greener pastures.

One thing Dice have done really well is patching problems and bugs. The last patch balanced lots of weapons (uuga uuga) but also changed the dynamics of air warfare by speeding up the tracer dart. A a new patch is due tomorrow morning on PS3, with a patch on Xbox to follow and has one fix that could change many player’s gameplay in rush or conquest games.

Increased the reward points for Objective Actions (Flag Cap/Assist, Arm/Disarm/Destroy/Damage/TeamDestroy/TeamDamage)

I hope they bump up the score by a decent amount to encourage players to “play for the objective” instead of hanging back to mind their precious KDR. In this game your Win/Loss ratio is more important.

Modern Warfare 2 spec ops is great fun w…

Modern Warfare 2 spec ops is great fun when you have friends and family over. MW2 multiplayer may have it’s problems but today all my family and in-laws were over to celebrate my son’s birthday. A few games of spec ops was called for with so many games players in the house! 🙂

On the bridge level I beat my personal best with a time of 5:17 which is probably crap but I’m not being overly competitive when I play those games. Great day, great fun, great people, great chocolate and raspberry cakes from Heaven’s Cakes!

Making healthy babies with WoodysGamertag

WoodysGamertag has organised a charity drive to help March for Babies a charity that helps potential mothers give birth to healthy babies. In 4 days he’s collected US$8,000. If you donate $50 you can even play against WoodysGamertag.

Here’s his followup video giving with his reaction to the donations raised so far.

Extreme Cannon Fodder

David produced a montage of great clips from Geoff’s Youtube channel and played the old Cannon Fodder theme tune in the background. I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before but maybe the average Youtuber is too young to remember this classic Amiga game!

Geoff himself used the same tune in this Squad Rush video as he and his team annihilated the opposition. Cannon fodder indeed!

Montage clips are from Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 of course. If you’re curious, here’s the Cannon Fodder intro and here’s some gameplay from the game. Great game, but I always preferred Syndicate.

Modern Warfare 2 Harrier Glitch

Want to fly 9 harriers in the air at one time in Modern Warfare 2? This glitch will apparently let you do that. Crazy. (via)

1. Equip the following load out (must be the same)
M16 + Holographic sight – not really needed but some weapons it doesn’t work – M16 is confirmed.
AT4-HS Launcher
Tactical Insertion
Smoke Grenade

*Killstreaks* Just make sure you’ve equipped the Care package – doesn’t matter about 2 and 3.

2. Run around and kill 4 people until you’ve got the care package.

3. First quip the care package then in the following order: Equip the Tactical Insertion, just before it light animation (as it catches) press LB followed by Y then hold the right trigger.

4. The rocket will fire and you’ll hear the harrier sound notification, select the harrier and place it on the map – as you’ve placing it on the map hold the DPAD right button.

5. Once you’ve called in the harrier if you’ve kept the DPAD right held down you’ll hear the harrier sound notification again – repeat step 4 over and over again until you’ve got 9 harriers in the air.

6. To repeat after all 9 harriers have left go back to step 2.

The author of the glitch contacted Infinity Ward in January but they ignored him. Nasty glitch.