Chances are, if the only videos you uplo…

Chances are, if the only videos you upload to Youtube are Modern Warfare 2 videos I have or will unsubscribe from your channel. Sorry, but I never watch them any more.

Removing myself from Machinima alone has made a huge difference to my subscription page!

First impressions of Halo: Reach


Dead Pixel

Obviously Jesus

Machinima Respawn is full of Halo Reach videos, ish. The beta is due tomorrow and I will probably be pulling out my ODST disk to take part. The videos above remind me of Quake 3. The clean architecture, the futuristic setting, energy weapons. I’m showing my age now aren’t I?

Some more Halo: Reach links. A link dump really:

I wonder if those Halo 2 players are still playing?

Geoff joins Machinima

Geoff joins Machinima and starts off with a great video showing an offense on Laguna Presa in Bad Company 2.

Congrats on the new “job”, and thanks to David for the heads up.

Is the M60 in Bad Company 2 overpowered?…

Is the M60 in Bad Company 2 overpowered? I have no idea but I just unlocked it which is as good a reason as any to show this video. The iron sights on the M60 are awful though.

He also uses the 4x zoom I unlocked too but on “Nelson Bay” last night it’s just not useful because the map is so dark. Besides, I suck at aiming. I’ve lost count of the number of times I tracked a player shooting him when he moved in front of me, only for him to turn towards me and kill me with a single burst of gunfire!