I can circle strafe

How long is Bad Company 2 out? March last year isn’t it? Well, Gavin said he learned how to circle strafe the AH-64 and I decided to learn how too. With help from Geoff’s video above I figured it out.

Basically, point at where you want to circle around, press right on the left stick which will strafe to the right. Then with the right stick push left and up-down adjusting the nose to keep it centered on the target. The effect of pushing the right stick adjusts the rotar at the back of the helicopter, thus turning it. (I think that’s right, I need to spend more time in Onslaught perfecting it.)

Oh, full throttle the whole time too!

The other Sasben

This is what The Real Sasben sounds like.

And this is what that dirty imposter Sasben sounds like. Bah! How low will they stoop!

Freezing problems in Medal of Honor Beta

If you haven’t played Medal of Honor yet you may have seen people mention how easy it is to cause the beta to freeze your PS3, requiring a reboot of the machine. I wonder if this is why the Xbox version is delayed a week?

Anyway, Geoff has the beta, and created MoHbeta2010, a new channel where he’ll be posting videos from the beta. The one above is easily the most informative of the videos I’ve seen today. He talks about guns, hit damage, the super powerful tank, and “hit streaks”. And of course how to freeze the beta too.

One freeze is triggered by getting 40 points through gun kills. Shoot 3 or 4 people without dying and your machine will freeze up! Crazy isn’t it?

Rocking Rush, the video

Geoff posted a new Bad Company 2 video yesterday evening, one in which Dave and myself feature. The clip of the attack on a crate in Laguna Presa was one we played a few weeks back. I was across the road laying down smoke but eventually got spotted by an assault guy.

The other team were seriously good, and I think they held us off the next base. (Thanks Dave for the heads up. I hadn’t checked Youtube yet this morning!)

Centre before aiming

I’ve read many times that you should be facing where the enemy is before aiming down the sight in first person shooters. If the single player campaign in Bad Company 2 or Modern Warfare 2 is good for anything it’s for practicing this. Disable aim assist and face your enemy before bringing the sights up. You’ll aim and kill faster. Once you get used to it anyway, as I’m still learning.
Leading on from this is the obvious advice that you need to know where your enemy will be in any situation.

This of course only applies to medium to long distance shots. Close up you should just fire from the hip as the target is so much larger. You still need to make sure the enemy is in the centre of the screen though!

It is of course much harder in multiplayer games. The NPCs in the campaign obligingly stand around shooting but not mortally wounding you as you take sight.

One incident where this would have been useful was on Arica Harbour the other night. I was running between two cargo crates and I wasn’t facing dead straight down the passage. A guy came around the corner, stood in the middle, and I was facing slightly to his left. In a fright I jammed on the fire button but round after round went thudding into the sand by his feet and he calmly dispatched me with one round.

Also worth considering is Geoff‘s technique of firing off a burst before you aim down sights, you’ll probably get a round or two in and then finish them off when they’re hurt and disorientated. Must dig up one of his videos where he demonstrates this.

I admit my aim mostly sucks in first person shooters, so take what you read above with a grain of salt and go look for better advice elsewhere. ­čÖé


Tracer darts are a lot faster in Bad Com…

Tracer darts are a lot faster in Bad Company 2 post-patch so if you’re flying a helicopter make sure you have smoke to disable any tracer. Seems to be some concern that smoke in the PC version doesn’t work unfortunately. There’s also flares. This tutorial suggests,

The Blackhawk has anti missile flares that can be deployed by using RB if you have V ALT WEP equiped. This greatly increases its survivability because it makes it nearly impossible to hit with missiles if you spam your flares.

Geoff demonstrates removing tracers from a heli with smoke.

Dave wins a Hauppauge´╗┐ PVR

Well, it’s official! Dave has won the Hauppauge´╗┐ PVR on Geoff’s channel!

We had a few games with Geoff and Sokeil (I think is his name?) tonight and rocked most of the time, right until Geoff left and the defenders on Laguna Presa were just too strong, even with us laying down covering smoke on the base. Not sure where the rest of our team were but I think we were probably the strongest squad on our side. All the games were very close, both defending and attacking.

I got a chance to really evaluate the iMP cable too and to be honest I’m not happy with it. That score of 3/5 is getting changed to a 1/5. The picture quality is just too bad. I’ll update that post with more details shortly.

I unlocked a pile of things this evening. Can’t remember what but I there was at least one gun, and smoke for tanks. I’ll check tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I took advantage of the Isla MCOM building bug mentioned in my last post. Nice 100 points for taking it out! ­čÖé

Geoff joins Machinima

Geoff joins Machinima and starts off with a great video showing an offense on Laguna Presa in Bad Company 2.

Congrats on the new “job”, and thanks to David for the heads up.

Extreme Cannon Fodder

David produced a montage of great clips from Geoff’s Youtube channel and played the old Cannon Fodder theme tune in the background. I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before but maybe the average Youtuber is too young to remember this classic Amiga game!

Geoff himself used the same tune in this Squad Rush video as he and his team annihilated the opposition. Cannon fodder indeed!

Montage clips are from Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 of course. If you’re curious, here’s the Cannon Fodder intro and here’s some gameplay from the game. Great game, but I always preferred Syndicate.

Modern Warfare 2 nuke in 8 seconds

How does Geoff do it? A nuke in 8 seconds? Good thing all those soldiers were busying shooting at air support or something. They never even saw him coming!

That totally trounces the previous record of 30 seconds by Gunit123:

*Sigh* In Geoff’s next video he talks about the hate mail he received after posting the video above. Some people just don’t have a sense of humour. Those people should probably get out into the sun a bit more.