It really baffles me why Modern Warfare …

It really baffles me why Modern Warfare 2 is played more than Bad Company 2. Dice got so many things right and the game doesn’t suffer from the numerous bugs MW2 does.
I really can’t understand why the complainers, the most vocal dissenters still play it and don’t move on to greener pastures.

One thing Dice have done really well is patching problems and bugs. The last patch balanced lots of weapons (uuga uuga) but also changed the dynamics of air warfare by speeding up the tracer dart. A a new patch is due tomorrow morning on PS3, with a patch on Xbox to follow and has one fix that could change many player’s gameplay in rush or conquest games.

Increased the reward points for Objective Actions (Flag Cap/Assist, Arm/Disarm/Destroy/Damage/TeamDestroy/TeamDamage)

I hope they bump up the score by a decent amount to encourage players to “play for the objective” instead of hanging back to mind their precious KDR. In this game your Win/Loss ratio is more important.

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  1. Baffles me also. I’ve a few friends that play nothing but MW2 and its impossible to get them to try Bad Company 2, I’ve even offered to buy them a copy but nah no joy there. They just shrug when I ask why not.

    Actually that Major Nelson list is really interesting. I guessed Red Dead Redemption would be up there but I predict its not going to last long as there isnt much to the multi-player aspect. I’m really surprised to see Call of Duty WAW at #4, didnt think people still played that lol.

  2. I totally agree. MW2 is the most messed up game but people won’t change, here is an example. I gave my friend a extra copy I had. He play a total of hours and sold it !
    He gave a number of problems

    1. Like it is to slow, so I told him to turn the sensitively
    2. Had rubbish guns

    But the reason I think he didn’t like it was that he and most people who play MW2 have played for ten’s or hundred’s of hours on MW2 and jump into Bad Company 2 they just get OWNED and they don’t like it.
    He is a good player on MW2 but when he played BC2 he couldn’t kill, he didn’t now the maps or guns and that massive change of getting killed all the time didn’t sit well with him. You also have to remember that the auto lock in MW2 is a massive compared to BC2, which is very little or non-existence, which makes aiming very differcult when you start.
    When I started playing I was just about to give up playing because I couldn’t aim and with bad aim comes 0 kills. But that changed when I started Sniping (Recon) It changed the game for me. I started killing and enjoyed the game and then came the M60 and again helped alot.

    So people give it a go. Its a lot better then MW2 just get a group of friends and have a laugh

      1. Just played a few games with Mick there, and played with really good players so I didn’t even get a chance to arm the bomb, or disarm it as the case may be.

        Mick did arm it though, and between squad orders and some offensive kills he got 700 points I thinks. It may have been 350 points for successfully blowing it. A hell of a lot more than the measly 100 points before. It showed too, people did play to the objective!

  3. hey xeer, while i haven’t gotten to play with you yet, i figured you’d be interested in this guide for being an attacking assault on port valdez that i just wrote up. its very long but also extremely detailed, and I think most people will learn a thing or two about the sorts of things you can do to secure a charge on this map…eventually i will get to all the other maps, so i suspect this guide will end up being a behemoth of information at the end. anyway, the link:

  4. MW2 is way better than battle field bad company 2 all u ppl who disagree doesnt know what a real true game is or either u suck so go home bk

    1. You’re so righ, how could I think otherwise. Your eloquent and well written defense of Modern Warfare 2 has convinced me of the error of your ways.

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