Leaked Bad Company 2 Server Files

Over on reddit is a report that files necessary for running your own Bad Company 2 server have got into the wild.

I don’t have any interest in them except for the fact that hacks will appear and script kiddies will play hacked BC2 games. On PC it may become just like Modern Warfare 2. Nobody wants that.

0 thoughts on “Leaked Bad Company 2 Server Files

    1. They were able to get their server on to the master list for PC players. There’s a good chance they might be able to do the same on consoles. Then we’ll all be screwed. Hopefully it won’t happen though.

  1. LOL calm down nothing bad is going to happen, cdkey login is still required, so no cracked servers!!! and you talk like ti’s gonna become as MW2? uhmm forgive me but, how many people you find outthere willing to set up their own in-house server NON STOP? not to mention this game USES PB while MW2 didnt used shit…

    I just made my own server with the stuff thats been leaked. It’s working top notch! i reccomend you use BC2 Guardian with it.

    1. xstalkerx – hehe, what’s the point in being calm and reasonable when that makes for a boring post? 😉

      Unfortunately I don’t have a PC I can play BC2 on so I can’t try it out unfortunately. Just too crummy laptops, neither of which runs Windows.

  2. I want it. Private servers, mods….you know what made games like BF1942 and others great? Custom servers that allowed mods, like for example desert combat. Security by obscurity is a loosing effort in the digital age. Free the apes!

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