Looking for a prestige lobby in Modern Warfare 2?

This morning I checked my Xbox inbox and found this odd voicemail from someone who wanted to sell me access to a 10th prestige lobby in Modern Warfare 2. At least that’s what I presume it was as the voice was so distorted it’s hard to understand him. Should I […]


Family Guy plays Modern Warfare 2

Peter tries his best to play Modern Warfare 2. See who shot him? See the video over on Kotaku before it’s pulled. TheChrisD found the video on Youtube. Enjoy, I’m sure it won’t last for long!


Modern Warfare 2 nuke in 8 seconds

How does Geoff do it? A nuke in 8 seconds? Good thing all those soldiers were busying shooting at air support or something. They never even saw him coming! That totally trounces the previous record of 30 seconds by Gunit123: *Sigh* In Geoff’s next video he talks about the hate […]


Not in a Squad? Then You Are a Complete and Total Moron

Some choice quotes from Bad Company 2: When Bad Players Ruin a Great Game (via) If you are not actively engaged in either defending or assaulting crates or control zones, you are wasting everyone’s time who has an interest in playing the game as it is designed. ….. Let me […]


Free 7 day Xbox Live for MW2 Map buyers

I got a message this morning saying my Xbox Live subscription would be extended by 7 days on May 1st because I bought the Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack on Day 1. So, let’s see, 34/52 is around 0.65 Euro. A tiny bonus but people will be singing their praises […]


Congrats to Geoff for winning the March …

Congrats to Geoff for winning the March Madness competition! Great Modern Warfare 2 video too. I sprint around corners too much. Always in a hurry to get killed, is me. PS. check out my first post on the new games blog by myself and guys from work.

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