Chances are, if the only videos you uplo…

Chances are, if the only videos you upload to Youtube are Modern Warfare 2 videos I have or will unsubscribe from your channel. Sorry, but I never watch them any more.

Removing myself from Machinima alone has made a huge difference to my subscription page!

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  1. I’m going to have to start wearing my tinfoil hat again. I unsubscribed from Machinima yesterday. Not because I don’t watch MW2 vids any more, but because of the sheer volume of crap that they upload now. A million billion new commentators who can barely string a sentence together, a fake vid from Gunit every other day, and everything that is not MW2 is half arsed: thirty seconds of RDR or bad players on BFBC2. Even when they put Halo vids up, only about a third are worth watching. By the time you sift through all the crap there’s not enough time to watch anything.

  2. Everything and nothing seems to go onto Machinima, and it’s related channels these days.

    Recently a fairly good channel with MW2 and Halo stuff, deefendthehouse, which was already a Partner channel, decided to start posting to Machinima instead of their own channel.
    I unsubbed there and then.

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