Modern Warfare 2 Harrier Glitch

Want to fly 9 harriers in the air at one time in Modern Warfare 2? This glitch will apparently let you do that. Crazy. (via)

1. Equip the following load out (must be the same)
M16 + Holographic sight – not really needed but some weapons it doesn’t work – M16 is confirmed.
AT4-HS Launcher
Tactical Insertion
Smoke Grenade

*Killstreaks* Just make sure you’ve equipped the Care package – doesn’t matter about 2 and 3.

2. Run around and kill 4 people until you’ve got the care package.

3. First quip the care package then in the following order: Equip the Tactical Insertion, just before it light animation (as it catches) press LB followed by Y then hold the right trigger.

4. The rocket will fire and you’ll hear the harrier sound notification, select the harrier and place it on the map – as you’ve placing it on the map hold the DPAD right button.

5. Once you’ve called in the harrier if you’ve kept the DPAD right held down you’ll hear the harrier sound notification again – repeat step 4 over and over again until you’ve got 9 harriers in the air.

6. To repeat after all 9 harriers have left go back to step 2.

The author of the glitch contacted Infinity Ward in January but they ignored him. Nasty glitch.