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WordPress in my Minecraft

I logged into my Minecraft server yesterday evening to see a stunning WordPress logo up on a hill. It was created by Thorsten. No it wasn’t. Author remains unknown. I wonder who created it?

I really must get that Minecraft commmentary done so I can show off what he and everyone else created in this world..


Minecraft TV Ad

A rather odd (fan made) advert for Minecraft. (via)


The Last Minecraft

And you thought Minecraft wasn’t exciting?


Marry Me?

Minecraft was used to propose marriage! Shame about the creeper..


Minecraft TNT

TNT in Minecraft can be very useful, and not just for blowing up huge holes in the ground! (see here too)

A single block of TNT takes out an 8×8 cube of blocks. Burrow into a cube, plant that TNT and step back and you clear away stuff at a decent rate! You’ll want to read this wiki page on the subject too!


Forest fire oops

Real forest fires are deadly. They cause huge amounts of damage and put lives at risk but at least in Minecraft it’s all virtual. Tye, Duck, Sulley – a surprise for you next time you login to the server …


Free Cake!

Last week I decided my VPS has too many spare cycles so I installed Minecraft on it and invited a few friends on to look around. Duck was first there and created a house for himself before his laptop gave up the ghost on Friday evening. Then TyeWebb logged in and created an impressive home, complete with roaring fire and paintings on the walls! Sulley started on his own house as well.

My son Adam watched as I fooled around on the server yesterday evening and he was delighted when I called Tye on Skype and used the laptop mic and speakers to chat to him. Adam called him the “red man” after the Duke Nukem skin on his character. Minecraft is definitely best played in a social way, especially if you have a three and a half year old looking over your shoulder. When I logged in this morning over breakfast I noticed a new block and sign just outside my house. Tye had baked a cake! Num num.

Here’s my own house, and as you can see I won’t ever have to worry about the cold winters we’re experiencing now. It might be a bit hot in the summer though.

I don’t need to worry about underfloor heating either. As a bonus I’ll save on electricity bills too as no lighting will be required! The sulphuric fumes might be a problem however. Maybe I’ll surround the lava in a glass enclosure? It drains down to a cave below so I might be able to do something with that too!


What is Minecraft?

So the other evening, in between killing zombies, David asked me what Minecraft was like and I said I still wasn’t sure and that it was a sandbox game where you built stuff.

Boy, can you build stuff. Check out the following video to see exactly what kind of mad things can be built in the world of Minecraft. Thanks Duck (who was in it!)

Anyway, on this Joystiq post NecroMaster asked, “i’ll probably get downvoted for this, but what IS minecraft? i cant figure out :S”. Surprisingly, he wasn’t downvoted but got a few good replies:

wcarnation said

@NecroMaster Imagine SimCity

Without the City

or the Sims

ShadowXIII said

Now what its about really…? Well pretty much take a lego set…make it real, then take harvestable resources from every end of the spectrum and give the player to create things out of various materials (not everything..yet) and throw in a few enemies that can spawn in from the shadows of anything and this is what you get.

VeeDeeVee said

It’s Lego, with optional enemies and a never-ending world (more or less). You mine stuff and then convert that stuff into more valuable stuff.

David will be pleased to hear that the latest update added cake too, but sometimes it’s best to leave the cake alone …

So there you have it! I’m not 100% sure it’s for me as I don’t have hours and hours to spend on it. I built a nice big room adjoining my cave on the second day, knocked down the walls of the cave to make it even bigger on the thirda day but now I’m scared to go out in case I get killed by a marauding zombie. And I can hear a creeper at the other side of the wall too.. *gulp*

Blarney Towers

Much later … ok, so I had some time to kill and rather than watch tv or do something productive I created a ~60 block high tower with a spiral staircase and an “in the clouds” platform.


Minecraft is interesting. Dan mentioned …

Minecraft is interesting. Dan mentioned a few times that he has a Minecraft server and when I saw the headlines today that it has sold over 1 million copies I had to have a look.

How’d I do? Well, thanks to the tutorial below I managed to survive my first day. I built a craft table, shovel, torches, stone pick and barricaded myself inside a cave while the zombies roamed outside.

Now to figure out what to do next!

Edit: if you can’t get Minecraft to run on your Mac, try the following after unzipping it in Downloads:

chmod +x ~/Downloads/

The site where I found that useful nugget of info is gone now so posting it here as a reminder!