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WordPress in my Minecraft

I logged into my Minecraft server yesterday evening to see a stunning WordPress logo up on a hill. It was created by Thorsten. No it wasn’t. Author remains unknown. I wonder who created it? I really must get that Minecraft commmentary done so I can show off what he and […]


Minecraft TNT

TNT in Minecraft can be very useful, and not just for blowing up huge holes in the ground! (see here too) A single block of TNT takes out an 8×8 cube of blocks. Burrow into a cube, plant that TNT and step back and you clear away stuff at a […]


Forest fire oops

Real forest fires are deadly. They cause huge amounts of damage and put lives at risk but at least in Minecraft it’s all virtual. Tye, Duck, Sulley – a surprise for you next time you login to the server …


Free Cake!

Last week I decided my VPS has too many spare cycles so I installed Minecraft on it and invited a few friends on to look around. Duck was first there and created a house for himself before his laptop gave up the ghost on Friday evening. Then TyeWebb logged in […]


What is Minecraft?

So the other evening, in between killing zombies, David asked me what Minecraft was like and I said I still wasn’t sure and that it was a sandbox game where you built stuff. Boy, can you build stuff. Check out the following video to see exactly what kind of mad […]


Minecraft is interesting. Dan mentioned …

Minecraft is interesting. Dan mentioned a few times that he has a Minecraft server and when I saw the headlines today that it has sold over 1 million copies I had to have a look. How’d I do? Well, thanks to the tutorial below I managed to survive my first […]

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