SergeantBruun’s Tower

A very impressive monolithic tower on our Minecraft server, extending right from the bottom of the world to the top (I think). I’m getting dizzy just looking up..

Rain and snow in Minecraft

The next Minecraft update brings achievements and weather effects. Looks good, but odd going from rain to snow and back again. Still working on it I see. (via)

The Minecraft TNT Tower

Just for a little fun. A tower of TNT in the world of Minecraft makes a great explosion but you have to be careful of projectile bombs in case they fly at you! I made a backup of the world just in case I damaged any of the buildings close by. Luckily that didn’t happen. Phew!

Commentary was done with the help of my son Adam, his first one ever!

I made our little Minecraft server a whitelisted…

I made our little Minecraft server a whitelisted one this morning after I read about this hacking on another server. 3 guys were able to login and change all the signs in the world.

That unfortunately is a bug of vulnerability in Minecraft but if they can’t get in they can’t do it. I’ve added everyone who has been on before (or who I know is interested), so if you want to join us, get in touch with your Minecraft username.

Minecraft Logo

Meanwhile, I logged into my server and found a sky high railway connecting Tye’s lighthouse with Andy’s treehouse, and an odd contraption Andy built that I must ask him about because a nearby sign says you should “insert arrows here”. Cool.

Minecraft: Gargamel

  1. Launch Minecraft and make sure you update to the 1.3 beta.
  2. Go into the single player menu and create a new world. Use “gargamel” as the seed.
  3. Get out of the dark cave (exit high up on the left) and go, ‘Wow!’

I’m not going to post screenshots, even though I want to. Don’t want to spoil the surprise! More seeds can be found here and I found this one here.

Minecraft 1.3, with beds

Well, they say Minecraft is addictive. Now you can lie down while you deal with your addiction. Version 1.3 includes beds and I read somewhere that you’ll respawn in the last bed you’ve slept in but don’t quote me on that! If you’ve had Minecraft open on your machine for some time make sure you close and reopen it to update the client.

Bukkit hasn’t been updated yet so warps and the /home function on the Minecraft server don’t work.

Once the 1.3 update has quietened down and I know all plugins are ok I’m tempted to enable mobs and deop everyone to make things more interesting. Make sure your building is well lit and defensible!