Free Cake!

Last week I decided my VPS has too many spare cycles so I installed Minecraft on it and invited a few friends on to look around. Duck was first there and created a house for himself before his laptop gave up the ghost on Friday evening. Then TyeWebb logged in and created an impressive home, complete with roaring fire and paintings on the walls! Sulley started on his own house as well.

My son Adam watched as I fooled around on the server yesterday evening and he was delighted when I called Tye on Skype and used the laptop mic and speakers to chat to him. Adam called him the “red man” after the Duke Nukem skin on his character. Minecraft is definitely best played in a social way, especially if you have a three and a half year old looking over your shoulder. When I logged in this morning over breakfast I noticed a new block and sign just outside my house. Tye had baked a cake! Num num.

Here’s my own house, and as you can see I won’t ever have to worry about the cold winters we’re experiencing now. It might be a bit hot in the summer though.

I don’t need to worry about underfloor heating either. As a bonus I’ll save on electricity bills too as no lighting will be required! The sulphuric fumes might be a problem however. Maybe I’ll surround the lava in a glass enclosure? It drains down to a cave below so I might be able to do something with that too!

5 thoughts on “Free Cake!

    1. Not at all but it’s relaxing, and a lot more fun when there are others around.

      Minecraft has a lot of potential but right now I can’t see doing much more with it beyond building stuff.

      If you have the equivalent of 15 Euro burning a hole in your credit card then do buy it! Your daughter will probably love it more than you do though!

    2. If you desire digital cake then yes.

      But seriously you should get it if you have the 15 Euro sitting around, you’ll probably get enough play time out of it to make it worth the price.

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