What is Minecraft?

So the other evening, in between killing zombies, David asked me what Minecraft was like and I said I still wasn’t sure and that it was a sandbox game where you built stuff.

Boy, can you build stuff. Check out the following video to see exactly what kind of mad things can be built in the world of Minecraft. Thanks Duck (who was in it!)

Anyway, on this Joystiq post NecroMaster asked, “i’ll probably get downvoted for this, but what IS minecraft? i cant figure out :S”. Surprisingly, he wasn’t downvoted but got a few good replies:

wcarnation said

@NecroMaster Imagine SimCity

Without the City

or the Sims

ShadowXIII said

Now what its about really…? Well pretty much take a lego set…make it real, then take harvestable resources from every end of the spectrum and give the player to create things out of various materials (not everything..yet) and throw in a few enemies that can spawn in from the shadows of anything and this is what you get.

VeeDeeVee said

It’s Lego, with optional enemies and a never-ending world (more or less). You mine stuff and then convert that stuff into more valuable stuff.

David will be pleased to hear that the latest update added cake too, but sometimes it’s best to leave the cake alone …

So there you have it! I’m not 100% sure it’s for me as I don’t have hours and hours to spend on it. I built a nice big room adjoining my cave on the second day, knocked down the walls of the cave to make it even bigger on the thirda day but now I’m scared to go out in case I get killed by a marauding zombie. And I can hear a creeper at the other side of the wall too.. *gulp*

Blarney Towers

Much later … ok, so I had some time to kill and rather than watch tv or do something productive I created a ~60 block high tower with a spiral staircase and an “in the clouds” platform.

8 thoughts on “What is Minecraft?

  1. The answer to what is minecraft is fairly complicated particularly when you consider that the game itself is very simplistic and I think it varies from person to person.
    I look at it more as an exploration game. I only build things that i need and spend most of my time exploring the ever expanding world. On the other hand you have another group of people that use minecraft as sort of a digital lego land. These are the guys that build the incredible buildings and other objects that really serve no purpose they just build them because they want to.
    I just find it interesting that a game with no real objective can be so fun to so many people and the reasons it is fun to everyone varies.

    1. I just wasted a few hours building a huge tower and a spiral staircase. I tell you, being up so high gives one vertigo! Scary stuff! (screenshot attached to post!)

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