More Halo Reach Tips

As the guys from work are going to be playing Halo Reach on Sunday evening I better get some practice in. I’ve still only played 24 games so I’m an utter noob at the game.

In the meantime take a gander at the video above. Some good tips for those of us who have never (or rarely) played a Halo game before this.

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  1. Played a few games in “Team Arena” this evening the results are embarrassing. Spread of -9, -11 and -8.

    The arena games are ranked or something but we came up against really powerful teams who were way beyond my skill level.

    1. The thing about Arena is you don’t get rank or scored until you’ve played 3 games that day. So I think the first few games can be pretty tough because you are playing with people who just aren’t ranked yet for the day but they might be really good. And of course most people in Arena have their MLG sweatpants on.

      I still haven’t figured out exactly what the ranking number means, it just appears to be a number from 1000 to 2000, the higher the better.

      1. Gotcha. So that’s why breeduh said I had one more game to play. So you have to play at least 3 games before you’re ranked, *every day*? That sucks as I don’t have time to play more than 5 or 6 games in a day. The first 3 games would be against (possibly) far superior players?

        I’ll probably avoid arena then, but I have to find out more about all the game modes. The bungie site has lots of stats but no docs on what things are.

      2. Wow, nice link! That cleared up a few things I was confused about. Even though your rating resets everyday I think it still takes into account your rating from past days. My guess is the very first ranked games you ever play it probably puts you in the middle of the pack so you can move up or down. So hopefully since you have a few games under your belt if you go into Arena again it will take that previous rating into account and start you off more where you are suppose to be.

        Also somewhere in those matchmaking menus you can prioritize your game search based on skill.

      3. Ah ha, I didn’t know you could do that in Arena. I’ve used it in other playlists (to no advantage I can see) so I’ll have to give that a go.

        Oh, Season 2 just started so those 3 games were wiped and I’m back to 0 again!

      4. Dang on Season 2 already starting. I actually did want to get in enough days played so that I would be ranked into a division. You know that way I would have a solid handle on just how bad I am.

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