Well, finally. It was bound to happen. I…

Well, finally. It was bound to happen. I had a half decent game of Halo Reach! I went 8/10 in a game of Slayer DMRS (which I think is an assault rifle with a scope). Game was on the same level as the tips video in my last post and you can see fairly detailed stats on this page.

I had heard that the stats Bungie offers for Halo were good, but dive into the page above. You can see number of kills by weapon, medals earned (oooh, I got 2 multi kills), and even see a timeline of the game. I would dearly love if Bad Company 2 had something as comprehensive!

Thanks Breeduh for teaming up and playing. It was a blast!

Later – good couple of games of BC2 with Conor and Mike, and then COD WAW after. I like Capture the Flag. Went positive which is always good 🙂

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