Good couple of games of Halo Reach Firef…

Good couple of games of Halo Reach Firefight there with Meech, Alex and Paul. All of us either blogging on or working for Automattic. 🙂

Despite the atrocious lag we had lots of fun. The lag was so bad that the game would stall or stutter every 10 seconds or so while it waited on players, or swapped hosts. Very frustrating.

Edit: Teamkills are bound to happen and they’re always regrettable. Alex killed me when he was driving one of the alien tank thingies. Never mind because I got him back. Later on Glacier I had a huge laser weapon and I was targeting an enemy tank. Unfortunately at the exact moment I fired Alex took control of it. We weren’t exactly helped by lag either. 🙁

Theatre mode in Halo Reach is very powerful, allowing you to replay recent games and even upload them to Bungie. I’ve uploaded this particular game and took a few screenshots. Here’s one very memorable moment!

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      1. Hi mate,

        Thanks for the invite last night, it was great to play in a team game with you again as it’s been a long time. A huge shame about the lagg, not sure if it was me so am gonna reset a few things and a huge sorry to the team for being crap. A lot of gametime required I think but it was great to team up with the others who were cool and hopefully we can do it again soon 😉

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