I played Bad Company 2 the other night w…

I played Bad Company 2 the other night with Mike and Conor and it was hard to find a full game. The first one or two were but soon we were playing with and against incomplete teams.

Perhaps it’s back to school time, or it could even be the Halo Reach effect. UK Xbox sales doubled in the last week so it’s likely many PS3 owners now own both consoles. David experienced the same thing which he mentions in the video above. One good thing however is the lack of C4ing of MCOM stations! There was hardly any (well, except on our team when there weren’t any defenders and people were just looking for points).

Me? I’ve played the Halo Reach campaign for an hour or so and a couple of games of the multiplayer and I’m finding it’s hard to really get into it. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m going up against super aimbot 360 noscope God-like players who hit me with headshots in every single encounter. Or it could be this too.

I didn’t think much of the graphics in Halo Reach. The textures of buildings and scenery lack the sort of detail I’ve been used to in Bad Company 2 for the most part, but in close combat the aliens look really good. I find multiplayer fights bland and emotionless. How can you feel empathy for a robot with no face? Sound is unfortunately nowhere near as good as in Bad Company 2 either. I’m not giving up on it just yet, it has potential (hell, I’ve hardly read anything but glowing reviews about the game) but so far it hasn’t yet convinced me that I should renew my Xbox Live Gold subscription when it expires.

PS. Check out my rubbish stats if you want a laugh. Yes, they really are that bad!

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  1. Actually firefight isn’t too bad! Played with that briefly and got through 4 waves before I lost my last life.

    There’s also a score attack mode which reminds me of onslaught in bad company 2. If anything, Halo Reach wins hands down for value for money.

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