Halo Reach Firefight


Remember how I said I couldn’t get into this game? Well firefight is great fun! I just had a great game with duck and ryan lasting 40 minutes of quite tense shooting. When you’re last man standing and you have to finish off the current wave it gets bad, especially as you know your team are spectating.

It’s like Onslaught but at least each wave comes in randomly. You can’t predict that an enemy will be in a certain place at a certain time. That’s probably the score attack game.

Darn, where’s my hat. I bet it’ll go nice with some salt.

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  1. On a slightly unrelated note, has anyone linked their ps3 or xbox to their facebook a/c? must be pretty sad, but they are offering medals in certain games to do it. It certainly is one way to piss off your facebook friends (although I definitely wouldn’t be able to buy X-Blades then, also if sylvia even saw the games cover I’d be a dead man).

      1. If you and the lads are playing multiplayer on them then yeah, otherwise I’ll wait for second hand. But I assume they’ll both have a strong enough multiplayer to keep us going for a while.

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