Reach preordered

After reading the glowing reviews of the new Halo game, and watching Anthony grapple with the frustration of not being home when his copy arrives, I logged into Amazon a few hours ago and ordered my copy.

This is despite the fact I don’t really want to renew my Xbox Live Gold membership. It expires in November so I better get some online play into my new purchase as quickly as I can!

I am however looking forward to seeing what cross platform games Bungie create next. Hoping that it will be cross platform too as Microsoft still own a share in the company…

PS. I’m in Seaside, Florida for the next few days if you’ve wondered why I wasn’t online at all!

0 thoughts on “Reach preordered

  1. I should have my copy of Reach on Tuesday at some point. I sent you a friend request on xbox. Hopefully Reach will be fun even though I’m going to be pretty terrible at it. One nice thing about Halo games is even if you don’t get into the multiplayer, the campaign is good enough to justify the purchase.

    1. I’ll be home again on Thursday so I’ll probably be online again on Friday. Doubt I’ll get the game from the UK before Monday though. All the reviews said the campaign was very good too so I’m not worried about value for money. Looking forward to playing with you on Xbox 🙂

  2. Hi mate, hope you are having a good time out there.

    I’ve never really played Halo (except the original – yeah go on say it) so I want to expand my games. You think this one will be worth the ‘coin?’

    Shame about the xbox but I guess if you are not playing that much then why waste the money!!!!

    1. It’s great, as long as we’re inside in air conditioned houses! It’s like a sauna outside!

      The reviews I’ve read of the game are all glowing. There are minor niggles, but none that will detract from the game. The game cost me 38 quid (Irish VAT added 2 Pounds Sterling on to it!) but I think it’ll be worth it.

      You never know, maybe I’ll start playing this more and more and devote equal time to Xbox and PS3! 🙂

  3. Cool, I’ll have to check the funds as coming back from our recent holiday the car broke down and with recovery and repairs ended up costing nearly £600 *ouch* but think maybe it’s time I had a look at Halo !

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