Look what the postman delivered


Halo Reach and Retro Gamer waiting for me when I got home. Cool.

Now I need sleep, some Bad Company 2 with the guys to get back into the gaming groove and then some Halo. I’m sure I’ll see Anthony playing it no matter what time I play it!

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  1. Out of curiosity I had a quick game of the Halo campaign and it’s an eye opener. It’s like Halo, but looks better. It looks gorgeous actually, but I did notice some inexplicable slowdowns, even when there weren’t that many enemies around.

    I hate the default assault rifle. At medium to long range I find it hard to shoot enemies. They’re so small and the background so detailed there’s no satisfaction to be felt gunning them down. I detest hip firing at those ranges, I want to aim down sight!

    I have 29 minutes of theatre footage saved. I wonder how much it would cost to render that so I could upload it to Youtube?

    1. I’ve been having a pretty good time in Reach so far.

      I’ve seen quite a few mentions around about frame rate issues during the campaign and firefight mode, so you’re not alone with that.

      I’m not real sure about the details of the theatre mode, I know there is something called Bungie Pro or Fileshare Pro, something like that, I believe it allows for rendering of videos and uploads. However I’m not sure if that allows you to send the file anywhere expect bungie.net.

      1. I searched a bit and figured out that you can pay to render videos and download them to your PC. Not sure how much it costs though.

        Thanks for the friend request, have been way too tired over the weekend to play it online. I played BC2 for 10 minutes last night before I went to bed as I couldn’t concentrate on what was happening!

  2. Trying desperately to find something to like about Halo Reach. Not sure if this will be a game I’ll be obsessed about despite others enjoying the game.

    I hated MW2 when it came out first too so perhaps it’s a matter of sticking with it?

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