MW2 Strategy for Estate TDM (FAMAS)

Geoff show some tactics for Estate TDM on Modern Warfare 2 that I used last night and worked fairly well.

I had an interesting match as 99% of the time in Estate everyone seems to attack and defend in the large house but in this game 3 enemy holed up in one of the other buildings. A sniper even set himself upstairs in the attic too. He killed me the first time I stumbled in there but I came back, sneaked up on him and looked down at him for a few seconds before swiping my knife.

Should have used scavenger because I ran out of ammo shortly after, I use far too much of it sometimes. I also should have used my assault class with ninja pro instead of commando after I was killed by a heart beat sensor wielding m16.

It was a tough night, in another game on Rundown I came out top of my team with 13 kills, and 11 deaths. Needless to say we lost!

Oh yeah, if you invert the Y axis on your controller, watch out when you’re guiding the predator missile. The Y axis is inverted there too! After a few disastrous attempts I gave up and went back to the sentry gun. *sigh*

31/5 on Rundown

31/5 on Rundown

My highest ever score in a Modern Warfare 2 TDM: 31 kills, 1 assist and 5 deaths. Played mostly defensively by occupying the middle building and defending with claymores. I didn’t camp, except when I knew a guy was coming. Ninja Pro helped a ton there.

Ken Burton’s wonderful AA-12 adventure

Ken Burton has discovered the wonderful AA-12 automatic shotgun in his latest video. This is my secondary weapon on my main classes and I love it. Hope I can unlock that grip soon though as the recoil is something awful. Dead effective in a small room! Yes, you definitely need Scavenger to pick up more ammo.

I just added myself to the html5 beta on Youtube. Unfortunately videos with adverts will still use the old Flash player, and I suspect most of the ones I’ll watch there will be those.

Playing defensively in Modern Warfare 2 …

Playing defensively in Modern Warfare 2 is a lot easier than running and gunning. Sometimes after an intense game of knifing and running around I’ll stand up and my legs will be shaking, with my stomach in knots.

I mix it up and run and gun but a little more carefully now. A lot less stressful! Here’s a good guide to playing defensively. Definitely worth trying every now and again when things get crazy.

Hmm, lots of updates today, mostly catching up on stuff I read during the week.

Modern Warfare (Reflex) on the Wii

I was shocked and amazed when I saw the boxes of Call of Duty Modern Warfare in the Wii section of Gamestop the other day so I went searching for reviews. Metacritic gave it it a reasonable 77, while the following two Youtube reviews rate it very highly. Graphics look awful, and aren’t a patch on the Xbox 360 or PS3 version but the Wii remote makes aiming easier and more precise.

I loved Call of Duty WAW on the Wii, I’m tempted to dust down the machine for this too…

Just added it to my Amazon Wishlist.

Happy Modern Warfare 2 Day


November 10th is here and Modern Warfare 2 is finally out! Shops here in Ireland opened at midnight last night and I briefly thought about hopping down to the Gamestop in Blackpool. I didn’t, and I won’t buy it until I have my BarCamp Cork talk is done. That should ensure I have it written by tonight!

Anyway, the level of anticipation for this game reached astronomical levels. Ask anyone with a game console or PC games player and they’ll know about this game. I’m writing this to remind myself of the fact when the next big thing comes along! In five year’s time we’ll be laughing at how we were all swept up in the hype of the game.

So, did you queue last night at midnight to buy the game? Have you already finished it? I’m pretty sure it’ll take me a lot longer to finish than ShadowHearth reported in that thread above.

So its 6:24 and i beated game on veteran setting.

Loved it, in some places i whanted to cry… becouse of just being pwned like a little girl, and on athers places becouse of story…

Just loved it, going to try multiplayer now, untill mine misses wakes up and sees me still on pc… I will get killed.

Wireless Nunchuck Adapter Review

My latest gaming purchase last week was MadWorld for the Nintendo Wii Console. It’s a horribly violent and bloody beat-em-up and saw-em-up and gauge-em-up and .. you get the idea.
Everyone’s raving about it but after playing it for an hour or two I feared I’d snap my Nunchuck and Wiimote cable because one of the actions in the game calls for the player to err, snap the controls apart and something indescribable happens on screen. Someone loses their head, and they’re not angry! It certainly deserves the 18 cert,

Gameware Wireless Nunchuck Adapter Last weekend I popped into Game for a look around and spotted the Gameware Wireless Nunchuck Adapter for a reasonable €12.99. Not bad. I also bought a Wiimote charger but I’ll blog about that at a later stage. Can’t have too much excitement in one post now can we?

The box contained simple instructions, the adapter itself, and a small square transmitter/receiver you place on the end of the Wiimote (requiring a good tug to remove again!) It doesn’t include the Nunchuck. The adapter takes 2 AAA batteries. The Nunchuck fits snugly into the top, plugs in at the bottom, and the the cable is wound up at the back neatly. Press the little transmit button to connect it to the Wiimote and a little red light flashes on both.

Gameware Wireless Nunchucck Adapter

The first game I tried with it was Call of Duty, World at War (Get it! It’s a great game!) For the most part it’s fine and it’s neat not having the cable knocking against you as you play. If I can fault the adapter, I found that sometimes when pulling back on the Nunchuck joystick, the Nunchuck slid back slightly. It’s a snug fit, but could have done with some restraining plastic to hold things in place better.
Also, it you have overly large or small hands it might cause problems too but that’s a minor niggle.

MadWorld was more fun with the Wireless Adapter fitted to the Nunchuck. No worries about breaking cables any more! I still can’t recommend buying the game though. It got repetitive quickly, I spent my time bashing buttons desperately and wondering how I killed the end-of-level bosses.

MadWorld gets a thumbs down from me, but the Wireless Nunchuck Adapter from Game gets a thumbs up! 🙂