Black Ops Combat Training split screen c…

Black Ops Combat Training split screen can actually be fun! I figured out that the second player can change team so we’re both on the same side so myself and my brother had a ball against the enemy AI.

Getcrackin joined us for a few games too and as we were playing recruits he mowed them down!

I’m sure recruit level difficulty is more difficult than it was when the game first came out. The enemy AI throw a lot less grenades now too. I didn’t need flak jacket at all!

One thought on “Black Ops Combat Training split screen c…

  1. The fact that they were recruits definitely helped, but that they have x-ray vision …not such a help :-/ That was fun, though. I was going to suggest we play free-for-all in a private match where we goof around with ballistic knives, tomahawks and sniper rifles. That’s what my friend and I do half the time we’re playing.

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