Backup your social media accounts

I’ll keep this short. You should download your Twitter data, Facebook data, and as you probably have that too, your Google data. You never know when you might be banned from using them, even accidentally. After you’ve saved that data, go to Instagram and Reddit and do the same! Twitter […]


Split screen on your phone

A thread on Reddit asked what you use the new split screen functionality in Android Nougat for. Apparently people use it to browse Reddit and watch YouTube at the same time.  Samsung Android phones have had this functionality for a while but I rarely use it however I decided to try this, […]


nil aon..

Surely, there’s no place like home but if you’re freezing to death then.. Via Reddit.


Is there a PHB at Reddit?

When I read about what what happened to the remote workers at Reddit my blood runs cold. Did management take a lesson from the Pointy Haired Boss in Dilbert’s office? I can’t imagine how poisoned the workplace at Reddit must be now that everyone has had an ultimatum to move […]


Xbox One Reveal in 2 Minutes

If, like me, you missed the fantastic Xbox One reveal yesterday or whenever it was here it is in all it’s glory, but cut down to two minutes. Via this post on r/videos where you will find such witty comments as: I welcome our new $1000 HDMI repeater overlords COLLAR […]


TIL how to play minesweeper

I never bothered learning how to play Minesweeper. I remember seeing it in Windows 3.1 but I thought it was similar to Battleships and frankly, it looked basic and boring. Basic it may look but today I accidentally learned how to play it. I hope these instructions don’t knock something […]

Funny , Humour

How to fill the seats at the 2012 London Olympics

Tickets for the 2012 Olympics have been much sought after by the general public so it was shocking to see so many empty seats at events, even high profile ones. More tickets have been put on sale but there are other ways to fill those seats. Thanks Dr_Sandvich for the […]

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