OK, it’s after midnight, I’ll be up ea…

OK, it’s after midnight, I’ll be up early, this is a quick post about the great couple of Bad Company 2 rounds I played with David tonight. Some of the rounds were evenly matched but others were totally lopsided. Both for us and against us. We both got lots of practice in various tanks and helicopters and played really well as a team.

I also played a few rounds with Dutch452 on Xbox earlier, and we did rather well. I leveled up to 10, and improved my win/loss ratio.

On the PS3 it was rough going for quite a while as I decided to level up the assault class. I eventually unlocked the ammo box, but I’m still stuck with the AEK-971. My KDR went up by 0.02. Woo.

More tomorrow (err, tonight) when I’ll hook the PS3 up to the TV and get HD again. Standard resolution is really doing my head in and no sign of the switcher cable from Devineo yet.

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  1. …..I just realised, I totally forgot my manners with the vehicles! If you want to fly/drive any time then tell me – I was so focused on unlocking the alt fire that I didn’t think to offer you the drivers seat.

    But great games – my KDR went up by 0.01 so it’s all getting better.

    And yes, I was going to bed two hours ago ZZZzzzzzzz

    1. I got to drive the tank several times, and I didn’t think to say about flying the heli. Might look for some practice tonight then. A warning, I really suck at it!

      1. The only way to not suck is to do it, so let’s do it! Make sure you fly the Blackhawk to start as it’s the most forgiving of the helicopters, the Hind is a cruel cruel mistress. Or just hop on the UAV. One thing I learned while playing with Hypermole was the angle of pitch of the heicopter affects your ability to gain altitude – it’s fairly common sense, but when you’re in the pilot seat that all goes out the window. Not understanding that was the main reason for me crashing. So when you’re nose down and losing altitude you need to pull back on the right stick.

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