Bad Company 2 with David, Mark and Conor…

Bad Company 2 with David, Mark and Conor tonight. I found it hard to get into my stride but we were playing on a great team and I think won every game. I did come out with a decent KDR in two rounds too!

Ok, ok, never mind that they were crap scores. I was laying down smoke and refilling ammo quite a bit too but whenever my KDR gets near 1 I celebrate!

Still waiting on my component switcher cable. Friday night’s game was in HD and it made a huge difference.

Edit – never mind the above, thinking back over the games I think I’m just peeved that we were playing with such a strong team who played for the objective. I did my share of setting and defending the bomb but this time our squad wasn’t the only one doing so. It was quite amazing how fast we overran the enemy base sometimes. I honestly prefer those games where we have to fight for every inch (but not have to fight too hard!)

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  1. Mustn’t of course forget when David and myself joined the first game, we immediately saw the “Your team has lost” page. We didn’t even spawn! Argh!

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