Operation: Rescue Playstation 3

Operation: Rescue Playstation 3.
Summary: Playstation 3 used as media player for children’s movies is sorely underused and must be rescued.

My Playstation 3 needs rescuing. It’s currently sitting under the television in the living room and acting as a media player. Playing 3 or 4 children’s movies are the main use for it, so it’s definitely not used to it’s full potential. It’s definitely a waste of electricity running the powerful Cell processor to do video decoding!

To that end a media player and flash memory are winging their way from Amazon and they’ll arrive next week! My PS3 will be rescued! I traded in a few games today and bought the Playstation 3 version of Battlefield Bad Company 2. Well, it was either that or Modern Warfare 2 and some friends on PSN have or are getting Bad Company 2!

I played the first few minutes of the single player game and the controller was fine, but I expect it’ll be an uphill battle. And it is. I played a few rounds of Rush on Isla. Once defending and then attacking. I didn’t do well at all but enjoyed myself despite:

  1. The PS3 networking is type 3, or “strict” in Xbox 360 parlance. I didn’t have a mic and I don’t think it would have worked anyway. Hopefully I can fix that once I get it wired to the network.
  2. They were my first games as a lowly rank 0 but I took down a helicopter as an engineer, defended and blew up bombs and helped my team as much as I could. Even if I didn’t yet have a health pack or defibrillator.
  3. I’m still getting used to the controller. I can’t get used to R1/R2 and L1/L2. Do you put your first finger in the R1/L1 buttons and second finger on R2/L2? My hands are two big to do that. Same with melee and grenades. Totally confused me.

I did verify that the following trick does work on the PS3. A quick easy way to destroy a bomb site on Isla!

If you’ve read this far, here’s my Bad Company 2 stats. Yes I suck, but I’ll suck less with time. 🙂

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  1. 1 – if you have a bluetooth headset for a mobile phone, try that before you shell out on a mic for the PS3. The PS3 uses Bluetooth for both the controllers and headsets so check if your Bluetooth will work (saving you about thirty euro). In the event that I ever use ingame comms I have an old Motorola HS820 that does the job. And the best bit was that it cost…. No Monies (my favourite price 😀 ).

    2 – controller and where to put your hands…..Some cool kids do what is called “the crab” when holding their controller – it’s not comfortable and takes practice. But being lazy I just use my index fingers for both the 1 and 2 triggers.

    And probably a stupid question, but have you got UPnP enabled on your router?

      1. That’s an interesting gadget! I’ll persevere because I think I was slightly better at tracking enemy soldiers as they ran past than with the Xbox controller. It’s only been two rounds so early days yet.

    1. 1 – I do have a USB headset for Skype and it’s a stereo one with a mic. Must give that a go. Last time I tried it was with a brief game of Socom but I forgot to activate it or something. I could also use the Sharkoon headset with the PS3’s optical out of course.

      2 – I think I’ll do the same, index finger for both!

      Yup, I had UPnP enabled on both routers but I think the Xbox 360 defined it’s rules before the PS3 did so all the traffic went to the wrong console.

      I realised this evening I have to buy another component cable for the PS3, and I’ll have to swap cables in and out of my monitor. (No hdmi, and only one set of component connectors on it)

      1. UPnP is supposed to automatically detect and allow whatever requests UPnP connection free passage so you may want to try resetting it and giving it another go. One thing that used to happen with my router before I changed the firmware was the UPnP list would get full and mess up all access unless I went in and deleted the entries.

        Check out the XCMlive Multi console cable doo-dah – more money, but less wear and tear on the component connectors on your monitor.

  2. Yikes. Couple of games there, no mic so I couldn’t talk to my squad (sorry Mark!) and the other team decimated us. Watching the kill cams I never noticed anyone less than level 10 or 15 and several players in the 30s so they’d have mad souped up weapons, armour and bullets. *sigh*

    1. ……maybe I won’t get it after all.

      Just kidding. I actually just pulled the Ebay auctions so I’m going to trade them in tomorrow for it. Don’t know if I’ll get on on Sunday or not, but either way, I’m pretty much cannon fodder for the forseeable future 😀

      1. Yes, unfortunately so. You will be cannon fodder, but like MW2 it depends on the team that’s put against you. Hopefully you’ll be luckier than we were tonight!

        Anyway, with any luck, I’ll be around so you won’t be the only cannon fodder. 😉

    2. Had 2 good rounds there. “Good” as in we weren’t completely overrun, and even won two rounds on the desert level, but the defenders cut us down on the third.

      Still, I took out 2 bombs, the second and fourth Alpha sites and helped my team with health packs. I certainly wasn’t the worst player on my team. Unlocked the second weapon in the medic class and I’m an almighty Rank 1 player now! KDR improved slightly from 0.40 to 0.44 too 🙂

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