Bad Company 2 Helicopter Tutorial

Not another helicopter tutorial? Yes, yes, but this one is good and it’s short. Flying a helicopter in Bad Company 2 is damn hard and AdaptableFuton suggests changing the air controls to BC1 controls. Might make it easier but you probably lose manoeuvrability.

Also, and this is the important bit. Engineers can only repair the helicopter when it’s flying low. I didn’t know that. Must have been dumb luck when I was repairing that we were at the right altitude.

0 thoughts on “Bad Company 2 Helicopter Tutorial

  1. You don’t have to be low to repair in flight – you just have to find the right bit to drill on. I like being in the passenger slot on the Blackhawk when engineer as not only do you get to do repairs but you can also fire rockets out the door.

    1. That’s what I thought too, but it’s in a Youtube video and you can’t argue with that!

      Next time we’re in a heli we’ll have to give it a go. I think you’re right actually. Last time I repaired a heli in flight I just pointed at the floor and the HP just zoomed up again.

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