How to dump a cheating girlfriend

Galaxy Radio’s Danny dumps the girlfriend of a guy who is about to propose to her when he finds out that she, eh, serviced her married boss at the Christmas party.

It’s cruel, it’s awful, and the way she was dumped wasn’t too nice either but didn’t she deserve it?

Did she deserve that? Did they go too far? Have you got any similar breakup stories? (via)

49 thoughts on “How to dump a cheating girlfriend

  1. HARSH! wow cant get over that humiliation…poor girl..everyone makes mistakes…it seems he didnt love her that much then in the first place…to maybe accept an apology off her…im sure after 4 yrs together their love bond has to be strong…strong enough to keep them together no matter what…

    1. are you all there….. she cheated on him… was she thinking 4 years when she was swallowing the sword… i dont think so…

    2. No… you do not go into relationships and give a bit of mouth love for extra cash…
      Yes we all make mistakes… but those mistakes should only hurt ourselves and not someone else… Are you serious with that response?
      She was in a relationship and in line to maybe having a future and settle… her character speaks high volume then anything else… at a Christmas party going down on your boss? That’s not a mistake.. it’s stupidity… If she really loved her boyfriend she wouldn’t cheat.. if you love someone would you go around spreading your legs or giving oral? Character… speaks… high… volume…
      I got my bonus pay rise with my skills and knowledge at work… not going down on some tool…

  2. Yeah, poor Angie! May be you have done the same thing angelxx and that’s why you say that. If you ever find out that your bf/husband cheats on you then just ask for an apology!!

    She deserved the humiliation. Everyone makes mistakes and must be ready to face the consequences for his/her actions.

  3. we’re only hearing one side of the story. Angie told the ‘guy from Goldsmiths’ that her man had been hard to tie down’. If they’ve been together for 4 years, I’d say thats pretty well tied down; unless perhaps he’s played away too – which would throw a whole new light on things.

    Either way, this is a low down, dirty way to end a relationship. Whether she’s a ‘dirty little tart’ or not, this man apparently has no spine.

  4. Shut your bloody mouth angelxx, u slut. The only reason why ur so simpathetic is because u probably cheated on your boyfriends by sucking on the first random dick you could find. She tottaly deserved that. giving oral sex to someone else when in a commited relationship is probably the worst thing you could do.

    1. the idiot deserved it, and he should of done worse.
      I was in a 5 year relationship before my dumb bitch decided to have 8 month affairs and then went and had a threesome.
      There was a reason why I held back to marrying her and felt good that I kicked her to the curb…. cried like a bitch and I spat in her face…
      Everyone should be vengeful not fucking forgiving… it’s betrayal…
      Sluts like these should be hanged…
      Expecting to get married while giving oral to another man… wtf… she was probably a geek all her life… never tasted cock until she was in a relationship….

  5. Honeybee,by hard to tie down, she meant that she was waiting to get married, not that he was cheating aswell, do you honestly think he would have been so critical if he had a girl on the side. Or do you really think that he would ask her to marry him if he liked another woman more ??

    like i said about angelxx (the Slut)
    u are probably a low down dirty cheater, and thats why you are so sympathetic toward her, and thats why u think that giving a blowjob to another man while in a commited relationship is no big deal.

    -slap yourself

  6. It’s not faked, that’s my local radio station. They do it quite regularly. I’ve known of people who’ve used him to dump people.

  7. hillarious i hope her boss got what was comin to him too,
    personally i think he did a nice thing ringin up the radio id jus dug a cheating bitch sized hole in the yard

  8. This story was hilarious. Ha but I can do you one better.

    I am a 24-yr-old American. A few months ago, I was dating a 19-yr-old loser and he started avoiding my calls and cheating on me behind my back. I’m not dumb. I already knew what was probably going on, and then the cheating was verified when I read incriminating comments on said loser’s Myspace site. Now this loser didn’t have an affair with his boss, but in all reality he DID do the cheating with his dyke boss’s lil niece!(close enough) So I dumped him in a public way, similar to how that dude dumped his girl…I dumped my loser through a MYSPACE BULLETIN!

    Yep. That’s right. Step right up, and hear all about it. First, I went onto Myspace and changed my status to “single” and posted in the Interests category all about my ex-boyfriends’ larger penises. Then I went on his site and wrote a sarcastic comment to the effect of, “Thank for being there for me! Check out my site updates! Thanks for everything, CUNT! Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out! I’m off to enjoy my newfound singlehood(oh wait I forgot…that started last night!).” After that, I posted a very boastful Myspace bulletin…titled “Hey everyone! Check out the dumb bitch I dumped on Myspace!” and containing the same comment that I’d placed on his site, with a few smart remarks added at the end. LOL let’s just say a day later, I was no longer on his friends list.

    In my situation, I hadn’t bought KOTY a ring…but I did have 2 heaping bags full of his laundry. Instead of washing it for him, it went straight into the dumpster…except for his deceased older brother’s sweater, which I took out of his laundry and kept for myself(I was in love with Koty’s brother long before I knew Koty even existed!). I also made sure to spite his cheatings by hooking up with one of my exes.

    So because I can relate to it so well, I LOVE this article. All I have to say is: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Sometimes cheaters do deserve what is coming to them.

  9. I don’t know where we have gone wrong in the world of love. How… in any way possible… can someone tell you to your face that you are the reason they breathe… then go down the road and even TOUCH someone else in a sexual manner; and like it.

    Furthermore, how can someone who hears this clip say that what the girl got was undeserved? News flash: cheating, in ANY shape or form, is NOT a fad; it’s not something you just “make a random, bad mistake” about; there’s nothing good about cheating whatsoever. I don’t care if it’s a 3 second decision that ended up with some girl/guy allowed to do something sexual that’s reserved for their lover, it’s the worst 3 second decision that you made and, like all decisions, there will be consequences and repercussions. IT — IS — WRONG. Cheating is not hot or sexy; it’s quite disgusting and is more than frowned upon: it gets backs turned to you. Cheating is not justified in any shape or form. You don’t like the person you’re with, break up with them. Don’t string someone along and make them feel like they’re the only one when in truth they’re just the only one that doesn’t know you’re screwing everyone in your area code.

    Your significant other is an asshole/bitch? Either work on change or DUMP them. Beats you? DUMP them. Has no sense of ambition, low moral standards, shows no affection, has absolutely nothing to offer in a long-term relationship; whatever your reason/excuse is, either work on the problem or get rid of the problem. Cheating isn’t a fix-it solution. It’s not a solution at all.

    I don’t know about you, but I am so severely sick and tired of cheaters and liars and adulterists (sp?) and infidelity. Thank you Jerry Springer, for making people stars because they couldn’t keep their hands off their lover’s friend’s/bosses’/neighbor’s/random-person-in-a-“what-goes-on-here-stays-here”-place’s genitals. Thank you cheaters who just “try someone new just for a bit then quit and it’s ok because no one will ever know” like it’s some item on a “Things To Try Before I Die” list.

    Thank you internet sites that promote adultery like it’s a game to see who can cheat the most and how devious and deceitful they can get; like giving some guy a HJ while talking about your christmas plans on the phone with your significant other. Wow, you really got one over on him: you ROCK girl. I mean he TOTALLY doesn’t even know you’re tugging some guy off because he’s deciding what to buy your CHILDREN for christmas. He’s so lost. You’re something else. (end sarcasm).

    Get some standards about you. Get some sense about relationships and love about you. Get some religion and get back in touch with your savior. Realize that cheating is not good, not at all. You’re breaking more hearts than you know. Be a bit more moralistic about your life. And for God’s sake (and all of this damned world), make the rest of us romantic, faithful, loving people believe that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Or at least, they are getting better.

  10. bitch for cheating. Any ideas how to get rid of two faced using irish dicks??? All donations greatly received….

  11. Michaels comments are dead on. Pity all men dont think like yourself. Any more straight talking Michaels out there

  12. My first serious relationship started when I was 18 years old, a senior in high school. It lasted over a year and a half. 3 months into the relationship she looked up at me while lying on my bed and said “I love you” I swear to god time stopped. I had never felt like I did when I heard that. I said it right back meaning it. I loved her…part of me probably still does. I found out she cheated on me with this guy. I tried to work it out with her thinking it was a mistake it was an accident and that she regretted it. Then I found out she had cheated on me with two other guys both on my rugby team. One a good friend of mine. It turns out she had sex with him the same time I was watching my grandfather pass away. The day I found out about her cheating I was crushed. I was a 5ft 8inch 165 pound guy who was very athletic. In the next two months I dropped to 145. I never went out. I was a wreck. I loved this girl with everything I had. I am over it now and thats why I can talk about it. But if I felt as bad as I did after just 20 months. I cant imagine what this guy felt after 4 years. She didn’t anything she deserved…she deserved a lot worse than what he did to her. I wish I had ruined my Ex’s life some how. Every once and a while it bothers me and I still think of ways to get back at her. I think karma works it’s way around and she will get hers. Cheating on me while my grandad’s dying…..she deserves what this bitch got.

    1. It takes two to cheat though – Mike what about your rugby mates who she slept with? Surely they’re just as much to blame?

      1. AS much, no. Not if they’re single. Definitely ALSO to blame. She still gets the lions share, not that he should ever talk to the dude again.

  13. she deserved it she deserved worse.
    my relationship experiences are pretty simlair to mikes. i was going out with a girl 4 3 years from the age of 16. i was young but i loved her more than anything she was my world. about a year in we decided to go the full way. and later on as the relationship started to deterioratei found out that she had cheated on me with another guy not long after this. and had gone on to cheat on me with 5 different guy’s almost getting herself pregnant, she caught an std, and almost gave me it, which i had to go through 4 months of testing to see if i had it. i loved her more than anyone in the world. 1 year on now i still think of her and its so hard to trust any other girl, i find myself meeting new girls talking to them a lot, likeing them becoming good friends and then i break off i cant help it i feel like i cant trust them anymore and i cant go any further. it’s totally wrecked me.

  14. Or you can do what a ‘friend’ of mine did. Go to a frat party, get a used condom from the trash, buy a dildo. Go home to your cheating whores, use the new toy on her, and put the random guys sperm on it. Once she is preggers, you just demand a dna test because she is a slut, and now you have ruined her entire life, and gotten out of the relationship.

  15. make her life miserable like she makes mine an hope like crazy she leaves u – well im still waiting but she 2 dum 2 leave

  16. I have just broken up with my ex… Been with her just over 2 years… i loved her more then life itself. She was my everything and i dont think ill ever really get over her. I just bought a bussiness and had to move a little bit away… because i was away so much for work, i eventually found out she started cheating… couldnt control herself, “because i wasnt giving her attention”. And the funny thing is, that i was only trying to build a future for us so that one day we can live well. Im at the stage now where i dont know what to do? give her another chance and suspect her for the rest of my life? or leave her and take the risk that i will never find somebody… 🙁

  17. Successful Seduction: of a woman
    depends on knowing how to make
    her feel good when she’s around you
    and knowing how to make her feel unique.

  18. Women here making excuses for the cheating slut, if it was a man who had cheated, women would go crazy condemning all the male gender of the world. It has been proven over and over, women simply have a much easier time getting dates and women get to decide what direction the relationship go. It is absolutely easy for women to cheat. Unless a man has unlimit income, and/or he is a movie star, he is just going to have a much harder time than a decent looking woman would have.

  19. Suspected my girl was cheating. set up a spy cam. recorded everything. Edited it down to include drug abuse and the slut that she is. burned it onto DVD and sent it to her mum and dad, emailed it to all her friends, her work mates, her boss and of course the smug cunt in it with her. havent yet done youtube butyou porn may be next. I was devastated when i found out but that deep pit of sickness goes as soon as revenge is sweet. it would have taken a while to get over it if i hadnt had the last laugh like this. now i feel great and can get on with my life. CLOSURE

  20. My girlfriend, smart, working class, beautiful, having big dreams in life, of more than 5 years cheated on me. I caught her cheating on me at the entrance of her complex with a “My MAN” you can call him NIGARIAN if you are fancy, she tried to hide beneath the BAKKIE’s dashboard of the Nigerian but her back and clothes were very clear to me, I went and asked her why she was hiding “I am afraid because you won’t believe me if I told you that this is an honest lift from Town” she said. I grabbed her out of the bakkie and she pulled herself inside but I eventually opened the gate using her body. I was so cantankerous because she was making fool of me by hiding in a nigarian’s car while I still showed her that I could see her. While I was grabbing her inside, the nigarian called the police claiming that there was a grievance at the complex. Police came and “I want you to leave right now!” she said. Maybe she was afraid that I was going to hit her, don’t you think? I guess so. The police asked me to leave and I phone my friend and my business partner to come and fetch me and I eventually left at around 10pm with some of my staff that I would need the following day because I was staying with her in her flat for about 5 months so I did not have a choice but to ask my business partner to accommodate me in his house.
    That is what friends are for; never take your true friends for granted because ‘you’ll never know’ that is an advice I can give you right now. I got into my partner’s place I phoned her that I was going to come back to fetch all my staff and “No don’t come now, come tomorrow because I want to relax and forget about this whole drama” she said. I said ok I would come the following morning to fetch all my staff and “At what time should I come tomorrow?” I asked. “Anytime” she said. I continued advising her over the phone that sometimes she should open her mind and eyes but she kept on dropping my calls.
    To love someone is not something easy, don’t you think people? I tried her both cell numbers but no reply till the morning 6:30am and I phoned her again just to let her that I was on my way to fetch the staff, no reply! I phoned her up until 8:30am still no reply. At 8:30 I went to her flat to fetch the staff. When I got there, I saw the Nigerian bakkie at her parking bay where I use to park my car. I checked her flat’s windows and door, all closed and misty! And I went to the door and I knocked. Her door has security gate also, while I was waiting for her to open the door and the gate for me, the nigarian opened the door and the gate for me but that took him 3 minutes to do all that. While the nigarian opened the door for me she stood behind that nigarian and they both went outside and both got sited on the complex stairs, leaving me at the door and people in the complex were watching this scene, 2 men, first proudly South African (me) and second Nigarian (claiming that “hey MY MAN, I’m from Zimbabwe not Nigeria”) use his accent to read his words I think it will sound great.
    I got inside to her bedroom where my clothes were, they just got up so the bed was still chaotic and her sheet was full of wet fluids (her and Nigerian sperms) and pillows full of their sweat and I called her and I showed her the wet sheet and pillows and “No it did not even take 5 minutes, I stopped him because I knew that I was doing something wrong so you can’t call this a sex because to me sex is the sex when someone ejaculates in me” she confessed. “Did you use a condom?” I asked. “Yes” she confessed. I checked my condoms in her headboard drawer and “We have used 1 of your condoms” she informed me. “Why did you do this?” I asked. “I was a stupid and I was acting on my emotions because last night at 10pm we broke up” she replied. At that time the Nigerian is boosting sitting in his car. You can imagine!! We’ve been staying together for more than 5 moths and the worst part I was there same night and she chased me away coz she wanted a Nigerian and that day Nigerian was in control of her flat. She chose nigerian’s fuck not mine. I felt embarrassed and betrayed.
    I kept on visiting her because I loved her and “I still”, so that I can get a truth because I knew she was mendacious to me eventually after 3 weeks “I did not cheat on you, It was just that day, Yes he ejaculated in me, and it is very difficult for me to say that to you because I do not want to hurt you” She confessed. I wanted to support her but how do you support a deceiver? A week after that 2 persons from her complex who witnessed these scenes approached me and Informed that they saw it happening 2 times (nigarian collected her 2 nights) while I was at home a week before but it was difficult for them to just say that because that might hit back to them.
    When I came back I continued as usual but when we were busy making LOVE my pns was full of pure white fluid that looks like “Full cream AMASA” and I asked her what was that? “I’ve taken multi-vitamins so this is how my body cleans, sometimes it is a soap I use” she replied. “But why after five years I’ve never seen something like this but now? “Because I am growing up, that is why or if you don’t believe me let’s go and see gynaecologist” she replied. This is a proof that the nigarian did not use a condom because she sucked all the nigarian semen and kept it so that she can share that old semen with someone she claims she loves, me. I know now that she was nothing who she pretended to be.
    If you have been with a woman for more than 5 years sometimes you don’t always play safe so I after all that I decided to go and do the HIV and AIDS TEST and I’m still negative but I must go back after 6 weeks so I am crossing my fingers. Should I become positive after 6 weeks or 3 months, I want you to know the whole story and I won’t hide my status so as to warn other people about situations like these. Being faithful to each other and having 1 partner is done by 2% out of 10%. Please people lean and take positives from what I’ve gone through.
    After all what I’ve explained, do the following words make sense to you? “I am afraid because you won’t believe me if I told you that this is an honest lift from Town” You have been with your girlfriend for more than 5 years and let us say you have a problem say you break up then after 5 hours nigarian fucks your girlfriend and a day after she comes back and say “I love you it was a mistake” that is what she said to me. The worst part she is still in contact with this nigarian, she does not tell me the whole truth. What can I do? Must I continue giving her second chance? Will she do this again? Will I trust her again? Is she normal upstairs? Why did she do it?
    When I initially found out about it, I was devastated. I asked her 100 questions with the word “Why” beginning each of them. She told me then, and several times since, that she didn’t know what made her do it. She says that she didn’t love the guy and regrets that it ever happened. Sometimes when we argue, the subject pops up and the drama starts all over again. She gets angry if I bring it up during an argument, saying that I continue to torture her with the mistake she made when I told her that I would forgive her. Seems kind of odd that she gets upset when she’s the one who cheated
    Remember when I met this girl she was engaged, she had a ring on and I even asked her about the ring and she said “I am engaged to a guy back home(mdantsane) but that is over now because there is misunderstanding and I want to focus on my career” do you think that is a valid reason? That means she did the same thing to the guy she was engaged to, now I am maybe the second or third person she does this. Don’t you think I should warn other people about such a person because this also includes death (AIDS) to our community, we lose our brothers and sisters because WHY? We are quiet. Stop being quiet, protect your community that is what I’m doing.

    Whatever trust I had for this girl vanished the morning I found out about the sex with the nigarian. It turned to hatred when I learnt exactly what she was really like. I’m sick of skanks like this lying, cruel, selfish, stupid and cheating and not caring about the feelings of all the people in their path. I know some people will say, let it go, and that revenge won’t heal me any quicker. I know where that advice is coming from and I appreciate that but I just disagree. I think people like this need to be exposed -I want all the people close to her to find out what she is really like. Maybe if she cheated on me once, twice, heck even ten times that I would be willing to let this go, but she was much dirtier than even that. I feel it is my civic duty to not only expose her to the other guys she was with but to the guys in the future.

    Can I ever forgive her for what she did?
    Forgiving someone after an episode of infidelity is one of the toughest emotional tests a man can be subjected to. There isn’t a lot of thinking involved because forgiveness starts in the heart. There is absolutely no excuse for cheating, but when women cheat – it often means something with her within the relationship is awry. Just as my girlfriend chose to spend time with another man, she could have also chosen to talk with me about the problem instead. Unfortunately, she chose the nagerian. For me, it is very difficult to continue a relationship when I’m tormented by the thoughts of nigerian touching someone I love. What’s even more agonizing is the fact that she allowed it. The problem here is, I haven’t truly forgiven her. But I must remember that forgiveness is a biblical lesson and I have to learn how to forgive someone or something at some point in my life. I don’t think I have the heart to forgive right now. I can rest assured that forgiving my girlfriend does not ignore, diminish, or excuse what she did. My forgiveness is more about healing myself and becoming stronger. Forgiveness enables us to live with the uncertainties of life without becoming bitter and resentful
    I have learned that my girlfriend is emotional junk…she is a slave to her own emotions. For her, love is just a feeling. But for a man, or at least for me, love is a commitment you make in SPITE of your feelings. It is a decision “for better or for worse” to work things out, no matter what. But I can’t count on a her to make that kind of commitment. She is a woman – she will go with her feelings. As soon as she doesn’t feel “in love,” all bets are off! Because of this, I no longer trust her. I don’t think she can be counted on for truth or fidelity…thus I cannot respect her.
    What really hurts me is the fact that, that week I was at home I was there to inform my family that I was going to be engaged to her and I wanted to marry her. I even asked my cousin sister to go and by me a ring for that, and right now the ring is with me but she is no longer with me but the Nigerian. Imagine you promise and make decisions to yourself that this is one and only, a person that you want to spend love and life with for the rest of your life, you tell your friends and family about the engagement. Two days after you come back from home, you see what I have seen. Maybe that is why it is so difficult to forgive and forget. I would not like something like this to happen to anyone because it hurts a lot more than you can imagine.

    I asked her 5 days back if she is really ready to marry me and she said “I am ready” she replied. Can you understand her?
    I told 1 of her best friend about the whole story so as to ask her to also give her an advice but my girlfriend was very angry at me for that and when I visited her she called the police to chase me away again for the second time. I guess that was for good.
    Now please know that between me and she is OVER! After 5 years. It was a long wasted time. Me and the engagement guy at uMdantsane, we were preparing for the other guy (Nigerian), don’t you think. If I can still get the platform I can still advise her, support her and Love her but she chose Nigerian someone who just wants to fuck her, get her into drugs and leave her with adis. That means now it is my turn to go back to the drawing board. What goes around comes around!

  21. i feel for all the people that have been cheated on, i can’t trust any girl anymore. after being cheated on before. everyday i get so paranoid with everything.

  22. i find it funny how all the woman are sticking up for her if it was a guy who had done it you would of crucified him by now she deserves everything she gets

  23. Cheating is bad. Everyone agrees on that. I have been cheated on as well and it hurts an awful lot. I didnt see it coming and I broke up with him right away, even though I miss him still.

    I find some of the comments here really out of line. Sure I understand you want to revenge and all, but sending sex videos of your ex to their parents is not fair to those parents. They can’t help your ex’s cheating.

  24. human beings are untrustworthy creatures. The only way for an individual to be happy is to build the person of your dreams, as in advanced robotics atleast you could trust a program.

  25. Here’s my story –

    2 years ago, I moved into a flat with my girl; she’d recently been evicted from her parents, so i put the deposit on a flat in her area – so she’s still be around friends, family, etc.

    Two weeks after moving, I come home from work early on Friday night – what do i see?

    My girlfriend being sh@gged silly on my sofa by my best friend – a guy i’ve known for 12 years.

    Im gobsmacked; I mean absolutely DEVASTATED and feeling sick to my stomach.

    I was so shocked, I could only stand there feeling sick, whilst this backstabbing friend pulls his jeans on and runs out of my flat.

    2 or 3 minutes later, reality sets in and and i chase the guy with a baseball bat and brain him all over the bonnet of his car. As I walk back into my building, a police car drives past. I GET ARRESTED.

    Fortunately this idiot doesnt press charges, but I was beside myself with grief and anger for weeks; I packed my girl’s stuff , sent it in a taxi back to her mums, and changed the locks on my flat. END OF STORY.

    2 MONTHS LATER – Christmas time. The cheating skank sl@g phones me crying, begging me to take her back.

    Like an idiot i did. Things got better, i started to forgive her, vowed never to speak to my former friend again. I could forgive her but not him.

    Out of the blue, 4 months later; my other friend phones me, tells me that a friend of friend of a friend mentioned a girl with the same name as my girl got taken home the night before and gave oral to this idiot he knows from university.

    I knew it was true. Asked a lot of questions around town, and found out within 24 hours that this “reformed” girlfriend of mine had been spreading her legs all over town for months behind my back. Despite already almost pushing me to the point of murder once .

    I dumped her immediatly, havent spoken to her since, and i also paid 2 lads from my area to hand out 200 photo quality prints outside her college of the b/tch giving me oral and getting naked on camera. I ensured her full name was printed on each copy to avoid doubt over who the skank in the photo was.

    Police came to see me a week later, asking where did these photos come from – i explained I’d sold that camera at a market months ago – cant remember who purchased it though. HEHE 🙂

    MORAL OF THE STORY – 1. Always get revenge. 2. Dont use violence. 3. And most importantly – NEVER, EVER, EVER forgive any girl who cheats; once a whore, always a whore.

    My heart goes out to any man who’s ever been played; I know some men cheat as well, but not on the scale of maliciousness that women do – women know how to lie, and deceive, and connive, and most (not all, most) show no remorse – only false tears because they got caught – not because they hurt you. SHOW NO MERCY FELLAS AND KEEP YOUR HEADS UP


  26. Once a cheat always a cheat. This is the reason why most guys would rather be alone(and happy getting MANY WOMEN) than be commited and risk being cheated on.

  27. Or you can do what a ‘friend’ of mine did. Go to a frat party, get a used condom from the trash, buy a dildo. Go home to your cheating whores, use the new toy on her, and put the random guys sperm on it. Once she is preggers, you just demand a dna test because she is a slut, and now you have ruined her entire life, and gotten out of the relationship.

  28. alright i can honestly say that I did cheat once in my life 6 years ago! I have not done it since and I cant even look at another woman without feeling shame! i am one of the very few GUYS out there that actually learned from my mistake seeing the way I made that girl feel tore me apart. we are fairly good friends now i have not and will not bother begging her to take me back because not only does she have a kid now but she also all the way on the eastern side of the states and I am in the western. but my current girlfriend of almost 2 and a half years feels the same way as the guy up a couple spaces. she thinks that I cheated on her a few months ago all because her 18 yo skanky ass sister and her boyfriend say that I did. I did not and I have tried time and time again to prove to her that I did not. but even though I do love her so dearly and would do anything for her I cannot stay with a girl that doesnt trust me. If theres no trust in a relationship theres no relationship. I was 17 when I cheated on that girl I am now 23 and very very responsible and respectful of womens feelings. women are sometimes faithful loyal beautiful beings, but can also be lying caniving theiving skanky ass Cunts tht cant keep their legs mouth or a**holes closed!

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