Watch your Histogram

I didn’t know how to use them a few weeks ago, now the web seems to be overflowing with tutorials like this on histograms. I link to this one because it shows the multi-colour histograms available on some Canon cameras.
I noticed in the GIMP 2 that the Curves tool has a nice histogram in the background of it! Must figure out how to assign accelerator keys. It’s a Gnome FAQ so fire up Google later.

One thought on “Watch your Histogram

  1. you can do it in GIMP 2 by: opening the menu with a single right-mouse-button click (don’t hold it down!), then navigate to the item you want, then hit the keypress you want to assign to that menuitem.

    so pretty much as in GNOME 1, *but* in GNOME 2, you can only assign CTRL shortcuts, afaics. You can’t assign unmodified keypresses. So for example, “CTRL-R” will work, but just “R” won’t.

    (I find this extremely annoying btw 😉

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