I fired up the PS3 last night to check i…

I fired up the PS3 last night to check if anyone was online. Bigpresh (Dave) was there and redd_dragons but I joined Dave in his session. He was playing conquest and I spawned on him, next to an empty tank. After my previous games with a shotgun I wanted to try out the NS2000 on assault. Anyway, an enemy hopped in the tank, but of course I had C4 so moments after spawning I got a tank and enemy kill!
I didn’t last too much longer though and we all left shortly after for a game of rush.

Unfortunately I don’t think we won any game of rush. I didn’t do too well with the NS2000 though I did get one or two one-shot-kills with it. I also got my revenge on a sniper by counter-sniping him with an M24 and a measly 4x scope. I eventually switched back to the almighty AN-94 and ended the game on 22 kills for 12 deaths, a KDR of 1.83. 23 kills with the AN-94! I got numerous pins including best player with a score of 2500 and my KDR is slowly going in the right direction, despite my experimenting with shotguns. It’s now 0.78. Win/Loss ratio is heading down though, at 1.44.

The other team were all over us. We were down to 6 players at one time, and the other team had about 9, though it ended with 8 vs 9 in the end. I’m slightly worried about the lack of players. It was getting late, about 10:30pm when I started playing, but there was a lot more online activity even a week or two ago.
Maybe EA/Dice are getting desperate for players?

Oh, I played the previous night with Mike, but I played so badly I just want to forget those games ever happened. Mike played a blinder though, over 5,000 points in one game. He was at the top of the leaderboard and I was at the bottom. *sob*

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I just had the best worst game ever haha. I played hardcore on Isla to try to get my naval warfare pin and went 3-8 sniping off the back of the jetski. There are so many snipers in hardcore that I couldn’t find a place to park it, they were all taken! Needless to say we lost and I went back to normal mode. I am now the proud owner of all the pins which netted me 15000 points!

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